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Chocolate mini cake pops


The mini cake pops looked a treat and were very well received.

The mini cake pops looked a treat and were very well received.

Last year, Little Mudlet was given a two book box set of recipe books, one on mini cakes and the other was mini pies. The box also contained a supply of mini cake cases. She was thrilled with this set and has often sat quietly thumbing through the pages, looking at all the recipes. When it came time to decide what little treats I could make for her party the other week, my thoughts turned to her recipe books and I had a look to see if I could make some mini treats for little people.

One of the recipes was for mini cake pops and I decided to give these a go.

I made a basic vanilla sponge and then crumbled it into a bowl when it cooled.

I made a basic vanilla sponge which I later crumbled it into a bowl.

First job was to make a 1lb/450g basic vanilla sponge cake. Once this had cooled down, I crumbled it into a large bowl and added 3oz/85g of mascarpone cheese, 2.5oz/70g of icing sugar and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, then thoroughly mixed it all together.

Ready for chilling

Ready for chilling

Next the mixture was divided into 24, 1oz/25g pieces and rolled into balls, pushed down into some of the mini bun cases which I had laid out on a baking tray and then these were popped into the fridge for a couple of hours to set.

Once the balls were nicely chilled and set, it was time to decorate. At this point the recipe calls for each little cake to be skewered with a lollipop stick (hence the name ‘mini cake pops‘) but I didn’t have any and so decided to continue with the mini bun cases and make them into little chocolate ball cakes, or Chocolate Bombs.

Anyway, to the decorating.

Thoroughly coated and ready for another chilling

Thoroughly coated and ready for another chilling

I melted 8oz/225g of milk chocolate in a bowl and then carefully dipped each cake in the chocolate, ensuring it was completely covered, before placing it onto a lined baking tray. I would strongly recommend using a good quality chocolate for this process, simply for the flavour factor. The tray of chocolate covered cakes went back into the fridge to set.

Finally, some white icing was applied to the top of each cake and then decorated with either Jelly Tot sweets, coloured sugar strands, or gold or silver edible glitter. The finished cakes went down a treat and I will make these again, as well as some of the other recipes in Little Mudlets book.


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  1. I could murder a tray right now!

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