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Under development: the Lego house stage 2

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For a free form build, this house is looking pretty special

For a free form build, this house is looking pretty special

With the pavement outside his Lego house now looking more realistic, Mud soon turned his attention back to the problem of how to build the upper levels without having to buy yet more yellow bricks from the Pick a Brick, Lego site – well, at least until after Christmas. The Mudlets’ were determined not to sacrifice their own creations for the cause, not that many yellow bricks had been used in their models in reality and so, one lunchtime last week, Mud found himself hunting through all the Lego drawers for any errant bricks … in fact he found himself trawling through all the toy drawers, for little pockets of bricks (off which there were plenty), that had been secreted away and forgotten about by the Mudlets.

“I think I have enough to do the first floor,” he announced triumphantly and so began construction of the second stage of the Lego house.

As well as a whole load of flat tiles for paths and floors, Mud has also ordered window frames, shutters and doors to use on his house and before long the first storey was completed and the Mudlets set about laying tiles in the kitchen (black and white was Middle Mudlets’ choice) and bathroom (pink and white was Little Mudlets’ preferred option). A bath tub and wash basin were built into the design and Little Mudlet kindly donated the Lego Friends toilet which had come with Olivias’ House. The kitchen units still need to be added but with the tiling finished, Mud realised that he might just about have enough yellow bricks left to do the gable ends of a roof section.

Kitchen and bathroom. Got to love the toilet detail

Kitchen and bathroom. Got to love the toilet detail

Back to the Lego boxes and Mud was soon fishing out every single red roof tile he could find. Work began on the roof and attic area and he quickly realised that there simply wasn’t going to be enough red tiles to do the front and back of the roof. So he decided to concentrate on the front which, as it turns out, has resulted in easy access for the Mudlets during play. He even managed to incorporate a loft ladder and hatch into his design.

By the end of Saturday the roof, including an impressive chimney stack and three dorma windows, was completed and the house was looking pretty fabulous.

You can see from the photo’s that Mud has used long, 1 brick wide flat tiles to create a smooth finish, on the top edges of the wall, on which the first storey and roof sections sit. This stops the weight of the levels forming a join between the bottom of one wall and the top of another which could result in damage when trying to separate the sections. What you can’t see is that corner flat bricks have been placed one brick width in, on the underside of the first storey and roof section floors, to create a locking piece which stops these sections being knocked off the structure.

Some changes to the front garden

Some changes to the front garden

The tree at the front of the house has gone, as it was constantly being knocked over and was a real pain to reinstate. Instead Mud has replaced this feature with a crate, in which the house owner has stored the vegetables he or she has been harvesting. The small fence has also gone and has been replaced with a low shrubbery, much to the delight of a yellow frog and red bug. Look closely and you will see that the milkman has been and has left a carton of fresh milk on the door step …. cup of tea anyone?

This is still a work in progress but it is unlikely that much will change now until after Christmas, when more yellow bricks will be ordered but I think that as free form builds go, this one is pretty special.

In case you are wondering, the attic rooms have been allocated as bedrooms, with each of the younger Mudlets responsible for decorating and populating their own room. Unfortuantely I can’t take a picture of these rooms to show you because the girls have model them pretty realistically and some tidying up needs to be done ………

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