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A very Lego Christmas

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Cargo train and passenger train can now run side be side ...... so long as the points are all set correctly that is.

Cargo train and passenger train can now run side be side …… so long as the points are all set correctly that is.

The last few days of 2014 galloped on by at a startling rate of knots. In the last few days Eldest Mudlet came to visit and is now the proud owner of a gorgeous jumper knitted by moi, the details of which can be found here. Mud finally succumbed completely to the flu virus and retired to bed the day after Boxing Day, where he remained for much of the weekend and although he had been up and about over the last couple of days of the year, he was still far from 100% and was unable to stay up to watch the New Year in. Meanwhile the latest additions to the Mudlet Lego collections, have pretty much taken over the lounge.

Parisian Restaurant and Muds' Lego House looking good together.

Parisian Restaurant and Muds’ Lego House looking good together.

In all it took Middle Mudlet 11.5 hours to complete the build of her Lego Modular Building “Parisian Restaurant”. She managed the entire build on her own which is no mean feat, when you consider that this model is from the Lego Creator Expert range and is age rated 16 – Middle Mudlet is only 10 and three quarters. I have to say that the detail on this model is pretty good from a bed that folds into a wall cupboard, to rat in the backyard, hanging baskets and a whole cooked turkey with detachable drumsticks.

If you look closely you may be able to see the ‘wheel arches’ and ‘croissants’ which are some of the standard bricks (or elements) that have been used by the Lego designers to create the superb detail of things such as the window shapes and roof architecture.

Lego Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall and Sunshine Ranch

Lego Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall and Sunshine Ranch

When I started this post, the finished building was sitting in the middle of Middle Mudlets high speed passenger train circuit, near to the station/holt for easy access by hungry minifigure passengers. Mud had managed to make slight alterations to the track layout so that Little Mudlets’ Cargo Train and Cargo yard could operate within the main track and he had incorporated a nice little switch over loop so that the trains could run on both parts of the track, if so desired. The loop had been cleverly constructed so that there was just enough space between the points on the outer track for the passenger train to be parked up, allowing the cargo train to run on the smaller inner loop or the larger outer loop. Both girls were delighted with this layout as they could incorporate the Mall, Ranch and Restaurant into their play.

The Restaurant and Lego House were in the middle of the track, easily accessible by both girls

The Restaurant and Lego House were in the middle of the track, accessible by both girls

Even the Lego House designed by Mud has been included in the track layout and with battery operated, flickering tea lights placed on 2 of the floors of the house and restaurant, plus another in the engines of the trains, the whole layout looks pretty good with the lounge lights turned off.

But Mud wasn’t satisfied. The track simply didn’t take up quite enough space and he was sure that with a little reorganisation, it could be bigger and better than ever before – although the official reason given for his impending redevelopment of the site was to make it more accessible for the girls and stop them walking on the track and points.

Heartlake City station (designed and built by Little Mudlet) and cargo depot.

Heartlake City station (designed and built by Little Mudlet) and cargo yard.

And so with the girls busy else where he set too and amidst much cursing of badly designed points (the angle of the spur is too long and not at all conducive to effective and compact track design) and complaining about the size of the lounge (how inconsiderate of the Victorian builders not to designed houses with Lego track layouts in mind), managed to rearrange the track so that two thirds of the available floor space was utilised. Santa and the now empty sleigh were relegated to under the tree to allow for a siding and even the model Land Rover had to be relocated to make way for the Heartlake City station and cargo yard.

Middle Mudlets' train arrives at her station

Middle Mudlets’ train arrives at her station

As a final flourish to the track and buildings, both girls decided to design and build their own stations to supplement the Holt that had come with Middle Mudetes passenger train and the Cargo yard which had been part of Little Mudlets’ Cargo train set.

With the completed Lego Advents on display amongst the Christmas Decorations, Middle Mudlets gift from Eldest Mudlet of the Lego movie DVD and the assorted Lego sets currently occupying two thirds of the floor space in the lounge, it is safe to day that Christmas 2014 has been a very Lego Christmas.

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