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Walking back to cycling

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My trusty steed.

My trusty steed.

You may remember back in May last year Mud bought me a bicycle. In fact during April/May he bought bicycles for Middle Mudlet and Little Mudlet, for their birthdays (Little Mudlets’ was a very, very early birthday present but it meant she could use it during the Summer) and for himself. The idea was that we would be able to go for bike rides as a family and that Mud and I could go on additional rides to get fit. By the start of the summer holidays I was in the habit of taking myself off on a bike ride three mornings a week, after dropping the girls at school.

Unfortunately, in spite of making good progress in May/June, pressure of work soon prevented Mud from continuing his quest for fitness and Middle Mudlet kept suffering a recurrence of a knee injury, the result of falling off a toy box she shouldn’t have been climbing on in the first place and so the family rides were put on hold, although Little Mudlet did accompany either myself or Mud, once or twice, on her own. By the time I punctured my front tyre in mid-October, I had done just over 213 miles and had managed to get up to the distance of 9 miles in an hour which was no small achievement for me.

Then the weather turned wet and cold and without lights or a suitably bright waterproof jacket to wear, I hung up my helmet and put my bike away for the winter months.

Now, the other side of Christmas and with spring just a month or so away, my thoughts turned to my gardens and the need to slough of the winter pounds. The weather is still too cold to get anything done outside, although I do now have the seed compost to start my chillis and tomatoes off (a touch late for me but I don’t think it will make much difference) and I will be digging out a propagator and seed tray later, to wash in readiness for the sowing of seeds.

Winds, wintery showers and filthy local roads, are still preventing me from getting my bike out but a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I needed to start building up my fitness so that when I can finally get back on my bike, I can do so without needing to drop back down to an easier gear and whilst I might not be able to do 9 miles in an hour straight away, I would hope that I can get further than the end of our road – well that’s the plan any way. So far, in two weeks I have:

  • Walked 13.5 miles;
  • Taken 38,329 steps;
  • Done 3 hours and 42 minutes of excercise; and
  • Burned off 1,122 calories according to the pedometer app I have on my phone.

Okay, so I won’t be running any marathons soon but I can fit comfortably into my jeans now and have shrunk width ways by 1 inch, so I’m happy, feeling healthier and it looks like I’m finally getting my mojo back.


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