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A crafting Saturday

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Just needs the spacers but I'm pleased with how this looks.

Just needs the spacers but I’m pleased with how this looks.

When the girls received an invitation from their best friend to go over and watch the Lego Starwars movie on Saturday, they happily accepted and as the invitation also included an offer of coffee and jewellery making for me, I went as well. Before long the kids were safely ensconced in the lounge with a huge bowl of freshly made popcorn and some juice and my friend and I were sitting in the dining room with coffee and all of the paraphernalia needed to spend an enjoyable couple of hours, making bracelets and earrings, laid out in front of us.

I’ve never made jewellery before and was really looking forward to mixing and matching beads and charms for my own bracelet and before long I had created the bracelet shown in the photo. The central charm was presented to me by my friend who had been delighted to find such an appropriate design (knitting needles with jumper) amongst the mixed lots of beads and charms she had bought. It simply had to take center spot and then everything else was laid out around it. Unfortunately the spacers hadn’t arrived so I will have to go back for another coffee and crafting session to finish the bracelet off (such a hardship – not).

Once my bracelet was finished, the Mudlets were called through in turn and they chose the charms and beads they wanted included in their bracelets which I then assembled and which I haven’t photographed, as they have been squirreled away by the girls into their rooms ……. somewhere. Now obviously, the making of the charm and bead bracelets wasn’t very difficult but it was great fun but with the younger Mudlets and myself now owners of a new piece of jewellery, my thoughts turned to my eldest child.

I was happy with the finished look of these to.

I was happy with the finished look of these to.

Amongst the bracelet making things were also some earring bits and bobs and so I decided to have a go at making a pair of drop earrings for Eldest Mudlet. I played around with various beads, fillers, toppers and the like before finally settling on the design shown in this photograph:

  • Large heart dangling from the bottom because I love her dearly;
  • A bright daisy/sunflower type bead because she is beautiful, feminine and delicate;
  • A sparkling green bead to signify her strength of spirit and to represent her birth stone; and
  • Another small but solid heart to crown the whole ensemble because she is strong hearted and courageous.

A few small dabs of a special glue secured the design and my friends husband, who has been working in Hull this week, dropped the earrings into Eldest Mudlets’ work for her and she was delighted with them.

All in all a great way to spend a few hours and another new craft experienced.


One thought on “A crafting Saturday

  1. They’re all gorgeous! What a fun thing to do!

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