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Jumper dress in Sirdar Crofter dk: the front


Front to back sections are incredibly well matched.

Front to back sections are incredibly well matched.

This project is knitting up really quickly which as it is entirely knitted in stocking stitch, isn’t that much of a surprise really but the fact that I haven’t, as yet, become bored to tears with the monotony of such a simple design and laid it aside for a few days, is. Surprising that is.

It is the yarn and the way in which it adds interest to the piece which has maintained my momentum. Watching the pattern unfold and waiting to see if I can match the stripes, or if the vagaries of striped yarn will throw a spanner in the works and foil my plan to try and create, as near as possible, a well matched dress for Little Mudlet.

One such incident occurred during the knitting of the front section, when I suddenly found myself faced with a three inch section of yarn which hadn’t woven correctly and was, therefore, much wider and fluffier than the rest of the yarn. Eek! The solution was to snip the fluffly section out of the yarn and then rejoin the two ends but this effectively cost me five or six inches of the pink section of yarn, when you consider the length of the section that needed to be cut out and then the amount that had to be ‘wasted’ to create the knot for the join.

Even the 'join' sections match

Even the ‘join’ sections match

Thankfully it could have been much worse and as it was, there wasn’t too much of a deviation between stripe symmetry and even the joining on of the next ball of yarn worked so well, that the pattern still matched front to back, as can be seen on this photo.

Now I am on with the first of the sleeves and Little Mudlet is counting the days down until her dress is finished and available to wear.

2 thoughts on “Jumper dress in Sirdar Crofter dk: the front

  1. That is looking absolutely gorgeous – not surprised she is busting to wear it! do you think the reason you haven’t got fed up with stocking stitch is because the yarn keeps changing colour? I find that even with tedious miles of stocking stitch or garter stitch, if I am using colour change wool it flies by!

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