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Jumper dress in Sirdar Crofter dk: finished


I am really pleased with how well and how quickly this little dress knitted up. The sleeves were very easy with straightforward increases and decreases and whilst the finished pair weren’t quite as well matched as the front and back sections, the overall look was, I think, very pleasing. Before commencing with the decreases for the shoulder shaping, I tried the sleeves against Little Mudlets’ arm for length and opted to work another inch.

Not as brilliantly matched but a nice pair all the same

Not as brilliantly matched but a nice pair all the same

Setting the sleeves was also easy enough and before long I was sewing up the arm and side sleeves. The finished result in terms of the stripe match was pretty special and I was absolutely thrilled to bits with the finish of the dress. Little Mudlet tried the dress on before I had finished working the ends in but was delighted with it. I think it could do with blocking though.

So there you have it, a truly ‘easy knit’ pattern finished in under three weeks to the delight of the recipient. My next project is something for Middle Mudlet and I have already started to look for possible ideas.




7 thoughts on “Jumper dress in Sirdar Crofter dk: finished

  1. Ooh fab! Would look nice in an adult size too!

  2. Stunning, it really looks very sweet on! Your two must feel like the luckiest mudlets around!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I’m not surprised she was delighted with it. What a success.

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