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A spike of green


Tomato Maskotka

Tomato Maskotka

Several actually. Cosmos was the first of the seeds to show it’s face, with tomato Maskotka nipping at their heels. Within a few hours Gardeners Delight tomato seedlings were starting to peep through and then, to my delight, I spotted signs of life in two of the “out of date” Marigold seed modules.

By bedtime last night (Monday 9th), I was thrilled to see the first of the Amish Paste tomatoes breaking through which proved to be the icing on the cake as these were self saved seed from last years crop. The Stupice tomatoes which were also saved seed, have yet to make an appearance but as we’re only on day 6 after sowing, there’s still plenty of time.

Tomato Maskotka

Tomato Maskotka

The first of the Hollyhocks and some Dill have germinated today (10th) and as I moved the propagators from the cold windowsills back into the warm kitchen for the night, I spotted the first of the cucumber seedlings breaking cover.


The chillies are still several days away from germination and there are still several flower seeds, not to mention the Melon and Sweet Peppers which haven’t as yet shown themselves but it is early days and the feeling that spring is just around the corner is getting stronger…… sorry Sarah.


4 thoughts on “A spike of green

  1. Gardening is so rewarding, I do envy your dedication to it. We have a small patch in the garden but we never seem to get the timing right.

    • I haven’t been so dedicated recently but I am getting there. Had planned to do essential wedding etc today but it is raining which wouldn’t normally stop me but I still haven’t shifted this cold fully and don’t think several hours in the cold and wet would help at all 😉

  2. That’s OK Elaine. But it would be nice to have summer forever, but that would be being greedy. Besides my plants are all looking a little tired. The harvest is still there to be had though. Besides I can live vicariously through your summer. Enjoy your seedlings popping up – it is one of the exciting times. Cheers Sarah : o )

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