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Signs of life


Look! Can you see them? Tiny little roots

Look! Can you see them? Tiny little roots

You may recall from my last post, that when I sowed my second batch of Stupice tomato saved seeds the other day, I soaked them overnight in some damp kitchen towel to rehydrate them prior to sowing, instead of just sowing them direct into the compost which I did with the first batch. As I had re-hydrated far more seed than I actually needed for my seed tray, I decided that I would keep the left over seed on the damp kitchen towel to see if these would germinate, as this would potentially give me a clue as to what may be happening, out of sight, buried in the compost. The idea was that if nothing happened with the seeds on the kitchen towel and after a week or so there was no signs of life in the seed tray modules either, then I could safely assume that the seed was not viable.

For the last few days I have oh so carefully monitored my kitchen towel seeds, looking for even the tiniest signs that something was happening and then finally, last night, I saw it – the tiniest fleck of white beginning to emerge from one of the seeds. The speck of white was so very tiny, I very nearly missed it and then as I looked I saw a couple more seeds were also beginning to throw out the first, minute beginnings of a root! Yay, my seeds were viable!

This morning I have come down to the sight of around 6-8 seeds with roots which now range between 2mm and 5mm in length. I am absolutely thrilled and intend to ever so carefully transplant these into another seed tray this afternoon just in case all the viable seed was inadvertently left on the kitchen towel and I somehow managed to only sow dud seed …… yes I know that is extremely unlikely but ….. well …. you know ….. it’s a gardener thing.

Sweet peppers are starting to break through.

Sweet peppers are starting to break through.

Else where, I am delighted to announce that my sweet peppers (bought seed) are making an appearance now as are three out of the four varieties of saved seed chillies (Patio, Cayenne, Ohnivec) with only the Little Elf still to break through. The chillies have emerged by variety, oddly enough, with most of the Cayenne first to show on Saturday, then Sunday saw the first of the Ohnivecs starting to push up and out and this morning it was the Patio chillies. By this reckoning the Little Elf seedlings may start to emerge tomorrow but who knows. Chillies can take an inordinate amount of time to germinate.


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  1. Yayyyyy! Welcome back 🙂 Thank you Mr Happiness Engineer xx

  2. Tester comment Elaine (you understand)

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