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An unexpected bonus: the last Harvest from the 2014 season.

An unexpected bonus: the last Harvest from the 2014 season.

By late morning yesterday (Sunday) it had warmed up sufficiently for me to venture back out to my garden and continue with bed preparation. It was much colder than Saturday and I felt that it wouldn’t be long before the temperature began to drop again and the wintery weather promised in the forecast arrived.

My mission for yesterday, should I choose to accept it, was to clear the second set of raised beds and dig in more of the compost from the compost bins.

First stop was the parsnip bed. I had pulled what I thought were the last of the parsnips several weeks ago and so it was a case of weeding and digging. However, as I dug down and turned the soil over, I caught glimpses of dirt covered creamy white roots and realised that there were still some small parsnips hidden in the depths of the bed. Before long I had a nicely dug over space and a dozen or so baby parsnips which, cooked in butter and honey, would go nicely with our roast dinner.

Over the next hour, I moved my way down the remaining raised beds digging and clearing, readying them for the season. One of them is to be home to the onions when I plant them next month.

The very end raised bed still had the last of the leeks in them and although they were little more than baby leeks in terms of size, they would go nicely with the baby parsnips. A quick stop at the little patch in which the girls had sown their own carrots last season, resulted in a good handful of baby carrots to accompany the parsnips and leeks – a veritable kindergarten of delectable goodies.

As it turned out, I only got to spend just over an hour in the garden because a fine, icy rain started to fall around midday but I am pleased with my progress so far and the unexpected bonus of fresh produce for the table was a nice surprise.

As we move into another week, I’d like to think that the majority of the ground work in the garden had now been completed but alas that would not be truthful. The remaining beds are in a far worse state than the raised beds were and then we have the greenhouses….. I’m trying not to think about the greenhouses….. in fact if I keep my eyes cast down whilst working on the beds, I can pretend they aren’t there!

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