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Poppy Red Jumper in Cotton DK: creating the twist

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Stocking stitch panels are between the twist panels.

Stocking stitch panels are between the twist panels.

Middle Mudlets’ red jumper is progressing nicely and as it grows in length, the pattern is becoming much clearer and adds a bit of interest to what could be a fairly plain piece of knitting. This project has an added quirk of not requiring a rib border at the bottom edge, in fact it has no border of any sort on the bottom edge and instead starts with the main pattern. This shouldn’t cause a problem in respect of how the finished garment will hang because the yarn recommended for it and which I am actually using, is 100% cotton and is quite heavy, creating a more rigid piece of knitting. That said the knitting doesn’t feel harsh and will, I believe, be quite comfortable to wear.

Please note: I suspect that this jumper/sweater design works BECAUSE of the weight of the yarn used and if it were to be knitted in a lighter yarn, without a border/rib at the bottom edge, the work would roll up slightly ruining the overall look.

The twist pattern has proved very easy to do, looks really effective and could be easily incorporated into any plain stocking stitch jumper/cardigan pattern that you already own, helping create a different look for a trusty, old faithful design. The twist panel section is over 6 stitches and is worked as follows:

Right side row: Purl 2 Knit into the second stitch on left hand needle

Poppy Red Jumper   Poppy Red Jumper

Then knit into the first stitch on the left hand needle

Poppy Red Jumper   Poppy Red Jumper

Then slip both stitches off the left hand needle.

Poppy Red Jumper

Then purl 2 more stitches and that’s the 6 stitch twist panel worked. The next row when you are working across these 6 stitches it’s simply K2 P2 K2. And it’s that simple. Just repeat these two sets of instructions as you work your way through your pattern, to create as many twist columns as you want.


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