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I predict a problem with available space ……

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These aren't looking quite so sick anymore

These aren’t looking quite so sick anymore

You may remember that about eight or nine days ago I wrote about the disaster I thought was happening in my seed trays. The seedlings weren’t doing very well, a few had keeled over and several were looking decidedly dodgy. I felt that this was probably a problem called damping off and that I had over-watered my trays, resulting in the facilitation of the damping off fungus which was impeding both the growth of my seedlings and the germination of some of the seeds, not to mention causing some of the seedlings to give up the ghost entirely and fall over.

With the potential loss of all my tomato and chilli seedlings a very real possibility, I took the decision to sow more seeds, making sure that I reined in my watering and took great care to make conditions as hostile as possible for the pesky fungus.

And the chillies are looking pretty good too!

And the chillies are looking pretty good too!

Well nine days on and I still have a problem and this one is also of my own making ……. not only have many of the replacement seeds already germinated but the trays of what I thought were sickly seedlings have improved no end and are looking 100% better than they were. I haven’t lost a single seedling since I sowed the replacements and all are now happily showing off their first true leaves and there are signs of the second set appearing on many others!

I have no idea why the first lot of seedlings have suddenly improved, as, with the exception of reduced watering, I haven’t altered their care in any way shape or form. Possibly what I thought was the damping off fungus taking hold was actually just the first warnings that something was amiss and because I acted quickly to rectify my error, this has stopped the fungus from developing at all and has saved the seedlings. Whatever the reason, I now have a bit of a problem, or at least I will have in a  few weeks when my seedlings need potting on ….. where on earth am I going to put them all!!!

I'm thinking we may have a few too many tomatoes

I’m thinking we may have a few too many tomatoes

Obviously some will go to the school garden and I will give a few more to my friend Christine but I predict a rather significant surplus because as of today I have:

  • 22 Garden Pearl Tomatoes;
  • 17 Gardeners Delight tomatoes;
  • 51 Stupice Tomatoes;
  • 15 Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes;
  • 10 Maskotka Tomatoes; and
  • 5 Amish Paste, at least I think they are Amish Paste. The other set of Amish Paste have turned out to be a potato leaf variety and the only one of those I have is Stupice!

So that’s a grand total of 120 potential tomato plants which equals commercial quantities of tomatoes in a few months time!

There are also:

  • 19 Patio Chilli seedlings;
  • 26 Cayenne Chilli seedlings; and
  • 6 Ohnivec Chilli seedlings.

However, I also sowed a load more of these as well and they are due up in a few days so the final numbers of chilli plants could be massively more than the 51 listed above. In addition, I am still waiting for the second sowing of sweet peppers to germinate but so far I have 13 from the first round of sowing.

I have a feeling that two greenhouses will not be enough this year …. this will be interesting!


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