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Out and about with the Mudlets (part 1)

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North Landing: the view from the cliffs

North Landing: the view from the cliffs

Mud has had this past week as annual leave and we have really lucked out on the weather which, to be frank, makes a pleasant change because over the last three years or so, pretty much every long weekend or week off that he has booked, has had the most dire weather and this, in turn, has delayed his restoration of Ciggy the Series 2. So bad was his luck with the weather, that his colleagues started to make sure that they booked their holidays after he had booked his, in order that they could ensure their precious time off didn’t clash with his and therefore stood the best chance of falling in good weather. However, this week the sun has shone and we have reaped the benefits.

Middle Mudlet scales the climbing wall ....

Middle Mudlet scales the climbing wall ….

The Easter weekend was spent in relative quiet, as Mud took a couple of days to relax and rest up. No rushing off to destinations known or unknown, just gentle ambling out to the shops or sitting at home doing nothing much at all. We did take a trip out to the local garden centre, in search of a replacement nozzle for the garden hose (so Mud could indulge himself with some car care in the form of a wash and wax) and some ant traps, as we have already had the odd one appearing in the middle of the lounge carpet over the last couple of weeks and wanted to sort the problem out before it became an even bigger problem.

The nozzle was easy enough to find but the garden centre was a little behind with the ant traps, obviously unaware that the little so and so’s were already starting to show themselves and so with the shopping part done we had a good mooch about looking at the fish in the huge aquarium section (one of the Mudlets’ favourite areas) and the plants outside (my favourite area if you exclude the cafe). Then we spotted what soon became the Mudlets new favourite section – the brand new, outdoor play area.

..... quickly followed by her sister.

….. quickly followed by her sister.

“Can we go play daddy? Please?” the girls begged and so Mud and I ambled over to a vacant table, a number of which the proprietors had dotted around the play space for just such an eventuality and chilled out whilst the girls clambered over climbing frames, up climbing walls and whizzed along on the zip wire (Middle Mudlet chickened out of a go on the latter). Mud and I noticed that a small cafe had also been installed in the play area, obviously with a view to cashing in on waiting parents but we avoided it. Half an hour later we paid for our purchases and headed for home.

Later that evening Mud asked me if we still had the unlimited access ticket for the York Air Museum at Elvington? We had visited the Museum last summer and in return for signing the ‘Gift Aid’ slip for the entry fee (which hadn’t cost that much anyway), we had a free pass, valid for twelve months from the day of entry. I checked my purse and found the ticket carefully stowed away.

Mud and the Mudlets charged off to look at the planes

“Excellent!” Mud said, “How’s about we take a trip back over tomorrow and then call in at North Landing on the way back?”

So it was that very early the next morning, in order to avoid the commuter traffic trying to get over the Humber Bridge, we set off. We stopped off at the Brewers Fayre at Hessle to have breakfast, taking advantage of their “Two children eat free with one paying adult” deal. I have to say that we had a fantastic breakfast and it was such good value for money. Mud had the large cooked breakfast and a large coffee, whilst I had a smaller cooked breakfast, with a pot of tea and a croissant from the continental breakfast bar and the girls had large bowls of fruit salad, a yoghurt, a croissant and two glasses of fresh orange juice each and it all cost £19.50! We were very impressed and it set us up nicely for the day.

Little Mudlet particularly liked this one because it had a friendly face

Little Mudlet particularly liked this one because it had a friendly face

The journey to Elvington was uneventful and we arrived at the museum about 10 minutes before they officially opened but we were allowed in anyway. We hadn’t actually managed to see everything last time, due in part to arriving later than we anticipated but this time, even in the areas we had seen just 8 months earlier, we found that there had been changes and new additions to the exhibits. With more time on our hands, we were able to take our time and explore all the exhibits thoroughly.

The top of the steep ramp down to the cove

The top of the steep ramp down to the cove

We stopped at the Naffi for refreshments and I should mention that this is where they make their money, as two small cups (not mugs) of coffee, a bottle of flavoured water for Middle Mudlet and a fruit juice for Little Mudlet cost over £6. We didn’t have anything to eat, having had our huge breakfasts but I did notice that the cost of even a slice of cake was in excess of £2, so do be prepared for that but they do have to make their money somewhere and, to be honest, we didn’t begrudge them the price of a coffee, as the museum is staffed be incredibly friendly and knowledgeable volunteers and has a vast and interesting number of exhibits, not least of which are the aircraft.

Mud took the girls rock pooling

Mud took the girls rock pooling

We left the museum after around two and a half hours, with the girls each clutching a model aircraft purchased from the giftshop and set off for North Landing.

We love North Landing which is a secluded cove situated a mile or so away from Flamborough head. We’ve been to the landing a few times since finding it, quite by chance some 4 or 5 years ago, as we love that it is relatively peaceful and absolutely stunning. The beach is almost entirely made up of rocks, stones and pebbles and even the ‘sand’ near the top of the beach is quite coarse, not the super fine stuff you can find on more populated beaches such as Cleethorpes. It is accessible down a very steep access ramp and there are steps down the very last section but this is definitely not one for the faint hearted. Going down is easy enough but the journey back up provides a pretty good cardiovascular workout.

Massive colonies of birds nest on these cliffs

Massive colonies of birds nest on these cliffs

At the top of the cliff is a large pay and display car park but with tariffs set at 50p for up to an hour, £1 up to 2 hours and £2 for 4 hours (if my memory serves me right), you can’t really go wrong. Alongside the car park is a cafe/ice-cream parlour/giftshop. We popped in there to have a snack and a drink before going down to the beach and we had the best chips we have ever tasted, at the cost of £1.60 each and they were generous sized portions too.

There is a walk around the cliff edge but we haven’t done it yet, so I can’t comment on what the terrain is like etc but the rocks and stones down in the cove, make for good rock pooling which is what Mud and the Mudlets went off to do, whilst I watched from afar, perched in the sunshine, on a large flat rock and relaxed. We probably spent the best part of  1.5 hours in the peace and tranquility of the cove, with just a few other families for company, before heading back up the access ramp. We called into the cafe for ice-creams and then sat on a bench looking down into the cove, enjoying the scenary for a few more minutes before getting back into the car and heading for home.

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