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Wendy Lace Edge Top in bluebird


The back lace band.

The back lace band.

Here it is, my latest knitting project and this one is for me! I came across the pattern on the Deramores website a couple of months ago when I was choosing Middle Mudlets’ pattern and yarn, instantly fell in love with it and decided to have a go. It is by far the most intricate pattern I have attempted in years but I really, really liked the look of it.

Initially, I had planned to use the Wendy Supreme Cotton Silk DK, for which it was written but after seeing the dreadful bobbling that has occurred on Middle Mudlets red jumper which, if you recall, was knitted in the Wendy Supreme Cotton DK, I decided against that option and looked for other choices. I will be writing to complain to the manufacturers of Wendy wool because the supreme cotton, although pleasant to work with, lovely to look at and nice to touch, has worn dreadfully. Middle Mudlet isn’t hard on her clothes and wore her new jumper for two days after it was finished but as she took it off at the end of the second day, I noticed a large amount of bobbling on the arms and sides of the jumper. I wasn’t best pleased because the pattern I had used was a childrens’ jumper and was specifically for the Wendy Supreme cotton DK.

Wendy pattern but Sirdar Cotton Double Knit.

Wendy pattern but Sirdar Cotton Double Knit.

I picked off the worst of the bobbles, washed the jumper but the next time she wore it, the same thing happened! She loves her new jumper but I am very disappointed with the quality of the yarn, as I would expect a yarn that is recommended for use by the manufacturer, in a childs’ garment pattern would be able to withstand every day usage – gentle, mild usage at that. So, as I said, a complaint will be winging its’ way to head office and I won’t be using that particular yarn or any of its’ derivatives any time soon, hence my decision not to use the Supreme Cotton Silk.

After much searching I came across this absolutely gorgeous Sirdar Cotton DK and the delicious looking shade ‘Bluebird’. I was concerned that the colour wouldn’t look as good in the flesh but I was wrong and it is even more beautiful than I thought it would be. It has a glorious sheen to it, feels very soft to the touch and is really flexible in terms of workability, making it a delight to knit with. It’s suitable for crochet as well, according to the label.

Sirdar Cotton Double Knit in 'Bluebird' . I love this colour.

Sirdar Cotton Double Knit in ‘Bluebird’ . I love this colour.

It’s sold in 100g balls which equates to about 212m or 232 yards and is £5.49 per ball on Deramores, although they are currently offering 25% off certain makes of yarn, of which Sirdar is one and this meant that I could make my top for a fraction of the price which is always a bonus. Obviously, as with the aforementioned Wendy Cotton, only time will tell if the yarn wears well but I have never yet had a problem with any Sirdar wool.

I have made a start on the lace edge band for the back and have done 21 repeats of the 30 that I need to do but I have spotted two small errors about 20 rows back and I am trying to decide whether or not to frog the work back to correct the errors. I probably will because it will play on my mind and, to be honest, it won’t take me too long to rework those rows as there are only 28 – 32 stitches in the 6 row repeat. I know I worked the problem rows late last night, so I only have myself to blame, as I was feeling tired and had already caught a couple of other errors as I knitted, so should have put the piece down but, well, I was really enjoying knitting this complicated looking section.



5 thoughts on “Wendy Lace Edge Top in bluebird

  1. Looks great so far! Love the colour. 😀

  2. It looks beautiful so far. I have just started a Debbie Bliss cardigan in the finest wool ever! It takes me half an hour to knit the six pattern rows and it has to be silent or I get it wrong! It took me two weeks to get the hang of the pattern and I took it right back three times due to mistakes!! It is going to be the longest cardigan knit ever I think!!!!! Maybe 5 years if I am lucky!!!!!

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