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A much nicer colour I think

A much nicer colour I think

What does a land rover owner do when it’s a Bank Holiday and he can’t do any work on the Land Rovers because the weather isn’t predicted to be particularly good. Does he sit back and chill out, allowing his batteries to recharge for a couple of days, reading Land Rover Classic magazines, or surfing the net to see what’s new in the world of ancient Land Rovers, catching up on the blogs of fellow Land Rover owners and their vehicles? Well mine certainly doesn’t. No mine wonders into the dining room and takes a sudden and instant dislike to the existing decor and announces:

“I think we should redecorate this room this weekend!”

That is how we came to be wondering around one of the local DIY stores early Saturday morning, looking at paint, trying to decide what colour to go for.

What were we thinking?

What were we thinking?

I had never really liked the terracotta colour Mud had used to paint the feature wall, in the dining room, some 4 years or so ago but at the time, with finances stretched, using a tin of paint we had originally bought for the lounge some 4 years or so prior to that but had (luckily) come to our sense before opening it, made a lot of sense. The quirkiness of the colour choice initially carried it through but I had never really fallen for it, if you know what I mean.

This time round we had a good idea about what we wanted but finding just the right shade was to prove difficult, as the store had a pretty good offer on and so many of the nicer colours were sold out! Although I must say that quite how a large DIY chain can manage to sell out of the nicest paint colours, by 10 am on the Saturday morning of a long weekend and not have a decent reserve in the stock room is beyond me but this sort of stock management seems to be a modern phenomenon, a sign of the times.

Frustrated we were trying to decide between two not so perfect colour choices when Little Mudlet piped up with:

“What about this machine? There seems to be a lot of choice on this mixing machine. Perhaps ‘Intense Truffle’ is one of them?”

Not at all hopeful, Mud and I wondered over and had a look. As we suspected the colour we had wanted wasn’t available for mixing but there was an even nicer Cappuccino Candy range which would be ideal and so we settled on Cappuccino Candy 2 and 6. With a tin of white paint for the ceiling, a large tub of pale lemon for the kitchen (which he intends to paint next weekend), dust sheets, replacement rollers and paint brushes, we were set.

My new campanula looks lovely but I need to hid the heater.

My new campanula looks lovely but I need to hid the heater.

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, Mud edged in, rollered and then second coated the walls and ceilings. The only issue we had was that the lighter contrast colour (Cappuccino Candy 6) was too pale but as we had loads of the darker colour left, he simply tipped some into the paler paint and mixed it into a nicer contrast colour.

We’re pretty pleased with the finished room now and it just remains for Mud to rehang the pictures we took down when he first painted the wall orange and to do the gloss work but as he intends to do the kitchen next weekend, he has decided to do all the wood work in one go, once the walls are finished. I need to find a nice cloth to drape over the old portable gas heater, upon which my newly replenished plant basket sits and that will be the dining room pretty much finished, looking brighter, more classy and a lot bigger than it has in recent years.


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