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Little Mudlet plants tomatoes


All planted out.

All planted out.

“Can I go to Lewis’ for tea mum? Please? Please?” were Middle Mudlets’ first words to me, as she flew across the playground, at the end of school Thursday.

“Mum says it’s okay,” Lewis added, hot on her heels.

A glance towards said mum confirmed this arrangement was okay with her and, as she is actually a friend of mine, I didn’t have any misgivings about letting Middle Mudlet go on a visit. Frankly, after a week of year 6 SATs tests, she deserved a break and so after leaving her bag with me, she headed off with Lewis ……..

……. just in time for Little Mudlet to see them, as she finally came out of school.

“What am I going to do?” she queried, when she realised what was happening. Little Mudlet and Lewis don’t get on, so there was no possibility of her receiving a ‘come and join us’.

And that’s how Little Mudlet came to be in the garden, helping me plant out the 8 tomatoes and 4 Winter squash plants that I had already placed, still in their pots, in position, earlier in the day. I was a little bit worried about possible damage caused by over eager, 8 year old hands but I have to say that my youngest handled each of the plants with extreme care and was incredibly gentle. She watched me plant the first tomato and then with a “You do the Winter Squash plants mummy and I’ll do the tomatoes,”proceeded to plant a further 6 all by herself.

I was especially impressed with the infinite care she showed whilst removing the plants from their pots, standing up with each to ensure they had plenty of clearance before;

Planting tomatoes   firmly but gently squeezing the pot;




Planting tomatoes   tapping the bottom to help encourage the plant to come out; and then




Planting tomatoes   slowly removing the pot, exposing the root ball.




She then carefully supported the stem and the root ball as she lowered it into the hole she had already dug, measured (using the plant pot depth as a guide) and watered. Carefully she infilled around the roots, firmed down the soil and then secured the stem to one of the bamboos using a plastic coated wire ring.

Planting tomatoes     Planting tomatoes     Planting tomatoes     Planting tomatoes

Positioned in their pots

Positioned in their pots

One by one she worked her way down the row of plants waiting their turn to be planted out and not one of the stems had any sign of damage, from either mishandling or from fastening the ring around the bamboo and stem. It was a job very well done. Just over an hour after we had started, all the plants were in the ground and, once again, we were able to stand back and admire our handiwork. Good job Little Mudlet.


3 thoughts on “Little Mudlet plants tomatoes

  1. What a beautiful post! Sounds like you nurturing a good little gardener there, which is fantastic! Hope the plants continue to do well! 😊

  2. Wonderful (and again inspiring!) post! 🙂

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