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Pumpkins, sweet corn and winter squash


Middle Mudlet had a fair few corn to plant out.

Middle Mudlet had a fair few corn to plant out.

Group by group, the greenhouse plants are being moved outside and planted into their final positions, filling the garden with the promise of things to come. Not that you can tell by looking into the greenhouses because most of the recently vacated space has been filled with yet more newly potted on seedlings. Friday, it was the turn of the sweet corns, pumpkins and winter squashes to migrate outside and once again I had the help of the Mudlets for the planting.

The mini sweet corns ‘minipop‘ were spread over two areas, 6 planted by myself into one of the half barrels and the remaining 4 were popped into the ground between the rhubarb and carrots, by Little Mudlet. She was fascinated by the root balls, the sight of which was a very clear indication that these plants needed to be outside.

Middle Mudlet was busy by the back fence, planting out 4 of the Butternut squash plants grow from a shop bought fruit and the ‘Special Swiss‘ sweet corn I had grown from saved seed. There were 20 sweet corn needing to be planted, across two beds and there are another 5 not quite big enough to go out, still in the greenhouse. A further sowing of these seeds has also been made and the first of these seedlings are just beginning to show in the propagator. I only actually need another 8 to fill the space allocated for this crop.

Little Mudlet planted the seedlings I grew from seeds she had given me for Mothers Day.

Little Mudlet planted the seedlings I grew from seeds she had given me for Mothers Day.

With the last of the minipop in the ground, Little Mudlet moved onto the pumpkin seedlings grown from the ‘Pumpkin Invincible‘ seeds she had given me for Mothers Day. There were 6 of these dotted about the potato beds and once she had finished planting her pumpkins, she swapped with her sister, so that Middle Mudlet could plant the 6 ‘Jack O’Lantern‘ plants which I had grown from the Mothers Day seeds she had given me.

Whilst the girls planted the last of the sweet corn and 5 ‘Sweetie Pie‘ Pumpkin seedlings (grown from seed saved by a fellow grower), I potted on the last of the chilli plants, 5 more sweet corn, another 4 winter squash, 4 ‘Jack O’Lantern’ and 2 melon seedlings. As I said earlier, my greenhouse doesn’t look like 83 plants have been removed from it over the last few days, due in part to the potting on but also the rapid growth with which the remaining triffids, I mean plants, are growing.

The Minipop were definitely ready for planting out

The Minipop were definitely ready for planting out

Friday night brought with it strong winds and these lasted for most of Saturday. First thing Saturday morning, I nipped out to check on the sweet corn and tomato plants, worried that they may have taken a battering. Mother Nature is nothing if not resilient and although one or two of the sweet corn were leaning a little more than they had when the girls had planted them, this was nothing a judicious but careful piling and firming of more soil around their bases couldn’t fix.

Unfortunately the winds put paid to more planting out, as it is the beans that are due out next and I didn’t want to run the risk of their stems snapping in transition but with a little luck, Sunday will bring with it calmer weather and I can get them into their positions by the end of the weekend. I’m also going to look at using the compost in our compost bins to plant the ‘Maskotka’ tomatoes into a couple of hanging baskets.

Finally, if I have time, there are also a large number of flowering plants in the little greenhouse that need to be planted out, including marigolds which are already in full flower. It’s a busy time in the garden right now.



6 thoughts on “Pumpkins, sweet corn and winter squash

  1. Busy time, can’t disagree with that! Great to have helpers though! Still to put out my squash and pumpkin. Just ran out of time this weekend….

  2. Ooh, how exciting! We’re also growing Minipop and Special Swiss. Only just sown mine though!

    • The Special Swiss were lovely last year (the ones we got) and all of this years plants were grown from seeds saved from the first ear we got. That long humid spell we got last year, hit at just the wrong time and I believe prevented the fruits of many plants from setting over that 4 week period, resulting in lower than normal yields.

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