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Mid season tidy up


Water cress sitting in a  tray of water.

I’ve never grown water cress before but thought putting the pots into a tray of water might aid growth.

I am my own worst enemy in the garden at times, especially when it comes to creating more work for myself but I get busy doing something, I don’t want to stop and so things get put to one side, to be tidied away once I’ve finished. But of course then I start something else and the nett result is an untidy mess, taking up twice as much space, making it difficult to find items I need.

It's amazing how much space you can gain if you put things away properly

It’s amazing how much space you can gain if you put things away properly

Yesterday (Saturday) things came to a head and I found myself with absolutely no room, in a very untidy large greenhouse. Something had to be done, so I rolled up my figurative sleeves and set about restoring some semblance of order out of the chaos. Chaos isn’t always a bad thing but in a greenhouse, mess and clutter can provide shelter and comfort to a multitude of pests and diseases, can help create the perfect environment for fungi and can result in over crowding which in turn, prevents much needed ventilation and can also mean that some smaller plants are quite literally cast into the shade.

Such was the clutter induced lack of space in my greenhouse the other day, my water cress plants were actually sitting in their tray on the floor, not an ideal situation, as not much light was able to reach them, shaded as that particular spot was by full to bursting lower shelves.

A bit of a difference

A bit of a difference

Over the course of the next hour, fleece was folded up and placed neatly into a bag for storage. Broken plastic pots and other bits of detritus, were bagged ready for the bin. Other items were neatly stacked, or packed away into their proper packaging and netting was rolled up a little more firmly before being stowed for safe keeping. The net result of all this activity was that space was created on the lower shelves for the stacked pots and this in turn freed up enough space on the top shelf for my pots of water cress in their tray of water.

It only took a relatively short amount of time to achieve the desired affect but had I been more careful in the first place, then that time could have been put to better use, such as sowing more cress and rocket for successional crops, a job I still haven’t got around to doing but is on the list for today. That said, I can’t make any promises for how the greenhouse will look in another few weeks time ….. I know myself too well.

2 thoughts on “Mid season tidy up

  1. Hi Elaine. You are just like me! i do exactly the same thing and I tend to leave a trail of good intentions behind me! i’ll bet it feels good to regain control. I’ve just done my greenhouse and I like to go in there just to enjoy the order… until the chaos creeps back in!
    Cheers Sarah : o )

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