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Bees deep in clover


Bees in clover Sunday afternoon saw me so engrossed in potting on some beans, mange tout and flower seedlings, that I wasn’t aware of Little Mudlets’ presence until she commented on the number of bees she had seen and heard, buzzing about the lawn, as she walked towards the vegetable patch. To be honest, the remark didn’t really register until a short while later, as we were walking back to the house, when I realised that, actually, she was correct and that the lawn was indeed awash with bees busily buzzing about their business.

Mowing the lawn is Muds’ job and every year, about this time, we hit a snag. The grass has grown and desperately needs to be cut but quite a large proportion of our lawn plays host to a considerable patch of clover and when the clover flowers, well the local population of bees goes mad for it and the whole area becomes a buzzing mass of bees, flitting from one flower head to another. Yesterday afternoon I counted 8 individuals, across three different species, in a one foot square section of lawn.

The Diners

Quite a few of my crops will eventually be reliant on pollinators, such as the bees, to produce their bounty and so I see the clover as the first step to attracting as many of them in as possible. I want to create a buzz in the bee community, with word of the bountiful and varied food supply in the Mudville garden, flying through the airwaves, encouraging yet more and more of the little creatures to come visit …… the success of my squash, pumpkins, beans and courgettes depends on it!


The Menu



2 thoughts on “Bees deep in clover

  1. Well you’ve made me feel better about my lawn over run with clover! That’ll be my new excuse for not getting the lawn mower out.

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