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Freezing Rhubarb


Freshly picked, another 3lb of rhubarb for the freezer

Freshly picked, another 3lb of rhubarb for the freezer

Of all the vegetables that I grow in my garden, Rhubarb has to the easiest by far in terms of harvesting and storing, especially when a glut occurs. This year, my rhubarb appears to be enjoying something of a renaissance and is throwing out stalk after stalk of edibleness …… a glut has certainly occurred which is why I found myself dealing with nearly three pounds of freshly pulled stalks, over the weekend. We didn’t actually need any of the rhubarb for the weekend and so I set about preparing the stalks for freezing.

And that’s the beauty of rhubarb because unlike many other vegetables, rhubarb doesn’t require blanching prior to freezing. In fact the ‘preparation’ consists of washing the stalks, chopping them into 1.5 to 2 inch lengths, popping them into a food bag and that’s it. The bag goes into the freezer and job done!

I now have around six pounds of frozen rhubarb and, come the Autumn when my Rayburn is back on, I only need to grab a few handfuls out of a bag, heat them in a pan on the stove and they’re ready for use in a hearty crumble, pie or sponge pudding. Now you can’t go wrong with that!



7 thoughts on “Freezing Rhubarb

  1. What a great problem — our rhubarb seems to be unhappy in its present location. Must build another raised bed and relocate. Never ending projects, eh?

    • I always thought they were quite easy to grow ……. which they are once you finally manage to find the ideal spot for them. When I split mine 4 years ago, I put two in other parts of the garden and the last went in beside the parent plant and the latter is the only transplant that has really thrived (along with the original plant). Guess that’s the ideal spot in my garden 🙂

  2. Hi Elaine. Mine never really seems to die down in winter. I don’t think it gets cold enough. This summer I made a cordial with it and then told the kids it was for grown ups because it was really nice and they would have had it all in no time and I wouldn’t have got a look in! It was perfect when coming in from a hot day in the garden as it didn’t have that overly sweet flavour many cordials have.
    Enjoy your winter crumbles – they are fab for warming you up on a cold winter evening – we had some the other night.
    Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. This is the first year the rhubarb is starting to really hit its stride and produce so the timing of your post and the information is absolutely perfect.

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