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After the storm


Sunshine, rain and lightning, make for happy plants.

Sunshine, rain and lightning, make for happy plants.

In the wee small hours of this morning, I found myself cuddling my terrified little girls, as a fierce and unusual storm, raged around us. Little Mudlet was literally shaking like a blancmange, whilst her older sister was curled up with her eyes squeezed tightly shut and fingers wedged firmly in her ears. I could hear torrential rain pummeling my garden, aided and abetted by the wind, and I wondered what I would find in the cold light of day.

garden views The storm last night was one of the most unusual ones I have ever witnessed. There would be 5 or 6 flashes followed by one long rumble of thunder, almost as if what we were seeing was lightning from various storms around us, the sound from which was arriving just split seconds apart, resulting in what sounded like one solitary, if drawn out, clap of thunder. Either way, it was both a breathtaking and scary display, with some of the brighter flashes giving the illusion of daylight and bringing with them the worry that with what appeared to be so many storms raging around the village, a lightning strike was a very real possibility.

The storm lasted for over two hours but had moved far enough away for the girls to go back to bed about 1.5 hours after I had heard the first frightened calls of ‘Mummy!’ Little Mudlet climbed into bed with her sister and they cuddle into to each other and eventually drifted back off to sleep, to the soothing sound of the dawn chorus which was periodically interrupted by the last few flashes and distant rumbles, as the storm moved on towards Hull.

garden views This morning there is little if any sign of damage in the garden and in fact, the garden is looking much fresher and green, a common phenomenon after an electric storm. I understand that this positive side affect is due to the fact that the electrical charge and the heat generated during these storms, enables the nitrogen in the air to bond with oxygen. This then falls to earth in the rain, as nitrogen oxide and this then enables the plants to take up the nitrogen which is an essential nutrient.

I get the feeling, however, that the Mudlets would rather I applied Nitrogen using land based means rather than Mother Nature doing the honours using her noisier, if more spectacular methods.

12 thoughts on “After the storm

  1. Wow! I heard that you were having really hot weather so I guess a storm was inevitable! But sounds like it was quite a storm 🙂

  2. Sorry your girls were scared. Molls is terrified of thunder but luckily we didn’t get any. Just the rain. X

  3. We had 45mins of rain and thunder from midnight in nth london. All dry now though!

  4. Hi Elaine. I glad there was no damage. It must have been so scary. Thunderstorms freak me out! Cheers Sarah : o )

  5. It was huge over Wakefield too. We had a power cut and then had to hunt for the touch in the dark to enable us to punch in the number for the burglar alarm which went off and we hadn’t even set it! It seemed that several alarms around us we’re going off too. What a night.

  6. Oh wow, your plot looks like it has taken so well!
    Where did you get that black netting from? I got some of the cheap stuff from ebay and will not be keeping it next year (except for “emergencies” as it is just horrible to work with.

    • The black netting is actually dark green greenhouse shading 🙂 We got it from B&Q about 2008 and though we have seen similar stuff since then, this particular shading was a really nice quality and has withstood all weathers, plus repeated stapling onto and pulling off, the wooden boards of the raised beds.

      The better netting in my opinion, is the white stuff (which started off bright green and has faded in the sun). It has a very fine mesh, capable of repelling even the tiny root fly and, unlike the wider mesh of the dark green stuff, is even an effective barrier to butterflies as they can’t lay their eggs through the super tiny holes. It’s also light weight which means the plants can push up against it as they grow – provided that you leave sufficient give when you peg it into place. That was an ebay purchase for not very much money. I’d search micro mesh or enviromesh 🙂

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