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Good Luck Middle Mudlet

Good Luck Middle Mudlet

I can still clearly remember the day Eldest Mudlet started school, some 20 years ago. As clearly as if it was just yesterday, I can picture her standing in line, wearing her brand new little uniform, with her her new book bag and lunch bag in one hand, clutching Threadbare Tedbear as if her life depended upon him, with the other. I can see her climbing the steps into school, steps which seemed to be about half the size of the Foundation (or Reception as it was called back then) children. I see her hesitate just before the door and look back, bottom lip trembling, uncertainty written all over her face and I can still see her new teacher bending down and gently taking her hand, leading her in.

Thirteen years later and it was Middle Mudlets’ turn to take the giant leap into full-time education and, as with Eldest Mudlet, I can remember that day and Little Mudlets’ first day, as if I had just dropped them off for the very first time, this morning.

It’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed and that now Eldest Mudlet is a hard working, independent young woman and it’s funny because she is experiencing much the same thoughts and disbelief today, as she (as well as Mud and I) struggle to come to terms with the fact that yesterday was Middle Mudlets’ last day at Primary school!

“Nooooo!!!! It can’t be!!!” was Eldest Mudlets’ anguished cry, when I sent through the picture showing Middle Mudlet wearing her school shirt which, as tradition dictates, had been autographed by staff and pupils alike.

Seven years of primary school have passed in a blink of an eye, or so it seems to those of us looking on, and come September, my tomboy embarks on a new phase in her life, a phase for which she has been well prepared by the tight knit community of her primary school. She is confident, assured and academically has exceeded expectations for a child her age and whilst we as her parents and older sister, mourn the fact that she is growing up so quickly, we can’t help be feel a massive sense of pride for all that she has achieved and the person she has become and wish her every success and happiness as she embarks on Secondary school life. We will be with her every step of her continuing journey.


2 thoughts on “moving on up

  1. My nephew left middle school for senior school this year (he’s 13) and he looks SO grown up in his new uniform!

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