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Warwick Castle: Dinner with friends


The Mound

The Mound

I did think about tagging this post onto one of the main ones about our trip to Warwick castle but our visit to the 7 Square restaurant was such a lovely, relaxing experience, I decided it warranted a post all to itself. That said, I was enjoying the conversation and meal so much that I forgot to take appropriate pictures and so I have used more shots of the castle and its’ grounds.

It was only a 5 minute walk from the Stables entrance of the castle to the restaurant Mud had booked a few weeks earlier. He had researched a few restaurants via google, wanting a fine dining establishment rather than a Brewers Fayre/Beefeater which has been our usual choice in recent years, whilst the girls were so young. Now they are older, Mud has decided it’s time to introduce them to the sort of restaurant he loves to visit and has been missing out on over the last 11 years or so.

The remaining section of the old bridge

The remaining section of the old bridge

It didn’t take him long to stumble across the 7 Square website and closer examination of their menu, followed by the reading of a few reviews sealed the deal for him. With a table for seven booked, for 7pm, Mud and the girls perused the menu and planned their meals.

“I think I’ll have escargot for starters,” Middle Mudlet stated much to the horror of her younger sister, who can’t quite get her head around the fact that these aren’t snails that have just been plucked out of the garden but are in fact raised in sterile conditions.

Mud smiled and pointed out that the menu may have changed by the time we went to Warwick but Middle Mudlet remained optimistic and as we made our way to the restaurant on Sunday evening, she once more voiced her hope that snails were still an option. We arrived at the old but charming restaurant, a little before seven and were taken through to our table to await the arrival of Chuck, M and M’s 15 year old daughter, A. Middle Mudlet immediately opened the menu and was delighted to see that the choice of starters was still the same and that she could at last try escargot.

A few minutes later and Chuck and party arrived and so began a lovely, relaxed meal with great company and an attentive and friendly hostess. The girls were thrilled to be the recipients of a selection of American sweets from our friends and I was also touched to see that they had included Eldest Mudlet in their plans, when I unwrapped a parcel of 5 t-shirts and was told that one of them was for our eldest child. I was relieved to see that A seemed to really liked her gift from us which was a pair of fingerless mitts I had knitted up from the left over cotton yarn from my lace top. I had figured that as she was used to an extremely hot climate, the change to British summer temperatures could be quite a shock, hence the mitts.

“Your favourite colour,” M declared, as A showed the mitts to her mum which  was born out the following day when A wore a rain coat in the exact same colour as the yarn.

Our girls had stage managed the seating arrangements so that the daughter would be sitting between them, opposite Chuck and Mud and that left M and I to chat at the end of the table, although conversation flowed from one end to the other as well. The starters arrived promptly, with Little Mudlet sharing a smoked fish platter with me on the advice of the hostess, who suggested that together with her main choice of Duck a l’orange, a whole starter to herself might prove too much for our youngest child. She was right.

The view from the Mound

The view from the Mound

At the other end of the table Middle Mudlet thoroughly enjoyed her escargot and she even let her sister try one. Little Mudlet wasn’t overly enamoured but said they were okay.

The mains arrived with minimal wait time and the conversation continued throughout. Mud and I were seriously impressed with the daughter, who spoke intelligently and listened intently to all that was said. She was incredibly patient with the younger girls beside her and in stark contrast to the daughter of another set of friends, didn’t text, talk or glance at a mobile phone once during the meal …. in fact I’m not entirely sure that she had brought her phone with her.

The mains were wonderful Mud and both Mudlets had the duck, Chuck had the Lemon Sole, M the Chicken and A and I had rack of lamb, medium rare which was cooked to perfection and tasted delicious. At one point the chef popped in to see if everything was okay. We were the only party in which was a surprise, although the hostess said that wasn’t unusual for this time of year due to the annual two week shut down for many companies in the town but this meant that we were able to enjoy a relaxed and convivial meal, without interruption.

Dessert was another success with choices from Creme Brulee, through Apple Tart to Banana Splits and coffee for Mud. By now Little Mudlet was starting to flag and we knew we needed to get her back to the room before she fell asleep where she sat.

Soon we were saying our good nights and arranging to try and meet up again the next day when our friends would be at the castle. Unbeknownst to her, Chuck and M had arranged a Bird of Prey experience for A first thing which tied in beautifully with our own schedule, as we were having our tour of the castle at the same time.

Warwick Castle We left the restaurant feeling happy and very pleased with the service and standard of the meal we had received.

In conclusion I would add that this is a fine dining restaurant and as such you should expect the final bill to reflect this. Don’t expect to pay pub restaurant prices here because you will be shocked but then you get what you pay for and what we paid for our meal was more than worth it and we would happily visit this establishment again and would heartily recommend it to fellow diners.


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2 thoughts on “Warwick Castle: Dinner with friends

  1. We had a lovely visit to the UK! Our trip to Warwick and dinner with the whole Mudville clan was truly a highlight. Thanks so much for hosting a wonderful meal and for the thoughtfulness of A’s mittens. I only hope that, one day, I might be able to return the hospitality for you, here in the states.

    • It was great to finally meet you guys. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and A was a big hit with the girls. I got some shots of you all with the bird of prey in the arena which, although distant and not the clearest of pictures, will hopefully serve as a lovely reminder of what must have been an amazing experience. I’ll get Mud to send them through to you. Love to you all xx

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