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Boxy T-Shaped Sweater in Tranquil


So pleased with how well the seams have matched

So pleased with how well the seams have matched

Knitting has been a little on the back burner during the summer months, as jobs around the garden take priority, particularly watering which can take 2 to 3 hours each night but I have been beavering away in my spare time on a project for Eldest Mudlets’ birthday. I found the pattern, Wendy 5896, months ago and whilst I think it has a bit of a retro look about its’ shape, I really thought it would do nicely for my first born child and would be handy for slightly cooler evenings, during her imminent trip to Portugal.

Sleeve seam

Sleeve seam

Having liked the way the Sirdar cotton knitted up, looked and felt on my Lacey top, I decided to use the same yarn for the Boxy sweater but I wasn’t sure what colour Eldest Mudlet would like and so I hatched a plan. I sent her links to several pages of different cotton yarns on the Deramores site, including the Sirdar Cotton, and asked her to let me know what, if any, colours took her fancy. She sent back several preferences but said that she really liked ‘Tranquil’ in the Sirdar Cotton and so I promptly placed an order and soon my package arrived and I could start work. On my PC the colour in the seam photo’s is the nearest in terms of correctness.

Side seam

Side seam

The first thing I noticed when I opened the parcel and looked at the pattern was that, as with my lacey top pattern, there was an error in the needles required section on the Deramores page for the pattern (it erroneously stated that 2mm needles were needed as it had done on the page for my Lacey top pattern). So I sent off an email advising them of the error and suggesting that they might want to check the rest of the patterns in the range too, as this was actually the third pattern from this set that I had found this error with, on their site. Although I got a lovely, polite, ‘thank you we’re going to amend the details’ email back, it is now some 4 weeks since I got their reply and the details remain unchanged on the Deramores website.

Anyway, back to my project.

Before blocking

Before blocking

This is another one of those really complicated looking creations which cause people to marvel at how difficult it must have been etc but, in reality, is very, very easy to work. I really enjoyed knitting it up because the colour was lovely, the pattern intricate but so straightforward and I was absolutely delighted when I realised that it didn’t require armholes or shaped sleeve tops which in turn meant that the setting of the sleeves, my least favourite task. would be a piece of cake.

After blocking: well worth the time and effort

After blocking: well worth the time and effort

I took great care during the sewing up of the various pieces to try and make sure that the seams matched and I am really happy with how they have turned out. Once I had finished sewing up the various sections, I blocked the garment even though the pattern didn’t actually call for it to be done but I felt that the scalloped edging would really benefit from the process and I am so pleased I took the time to do it because it brought out the pattern and shape beautifully.

All that remains is for Eldest Mudlet to pass judgement and with any luck, she’ll agree to model it because I think it is one of those things that has to be worn to look at its’ best.


2 thoughts on “Boxy T-Shaped Sweater in Tranquil

  1. Thank you. It looks fabulous on. Got pictures which I’ll post tomorrow 🙂 x

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