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Gardening Club: In need of a weed


Nice and green but in need of weeding

Nice and green but in need of weeding

School may be closed for the summer with the pupils enjoying a well earned break but the garden hasn’t stopped growing and neither have the weeds. I feel a stint of much needed garden tidying coming on and hopefully I’ll have two Mudlets as willing helpers.

Overall, what crops we actually have in the beds, are growing nicely and the beans are producing at a steady rate. The first tomatoes have been picked and the plants are laden with fruit which, with luck, will provide snacks when school reopens. We even have a winter squash nestled amongst the leaves of its’ parent plant and possibly one or two others just starting to swell.

Are these looking okay? Aubergine is a new crop for me

Do these look okay? Aubergine is a new crop for me, never mind the garden!

Unfortunately it looks like the majority of the aubergine plants haven’t taken to the beds very well but three of them have grown and actually have flowers on them. I’ve never grown aubergines before and so have no clue as to how big these plants usually get in terms of spread, or whether or not the three with flowers on are an optimal size for starting to produce decent sized aubergines. Time will tell I guess but it would be good to get something from these plants, as they were donated by one of the grandads.

Winter Squash

Winter Squash

A couple of weeks ago we got some unbelievably good news about the garden rejuvenation that we hope to do in the October half-term, when the uncle of one of the pupils offered free, good quality, topsoil for the project. This is a huge gift for us and, if I can secure some compost to go with it, will help next seasons’ garden immensely. I have plans afoot to organise a ‘dig in‘ event for the half-term, in which, I hope, parents, grandparents and members of the community will put their best foot forward and help with what will be a massive amount of work to wheelbarrow and dig in the new substrate before the children start back. Obviously I’ll keep you all informed with progress and plans.

In the mean time, we’ll continue to plod on, maintaining what we have and encouraging a whole new generation of ‘grow your own’ gardeners and I will dream of a newly restructured and more productive garden which I feel is now almost within touching distance.


2 thoughts on “Gardening Club: In need of a weed

  1. A garden is one of the true gifts in this world, there is nothing more special than sharing that experience.

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