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Yarn for multiple projects


Little Mudlet wants this dress again but with short sleeves

Little Mudlet wants this dress again but with short sleeves

Having finished Eldest Mudlets birthday top a few weeks ago, I haven’t actually been knitting anything since but I was starting to get itchy fingers and when an email offering 20% off all DK yarn arrived from Deramores, I was spurred into finding the yarn and pattern for Middle Mudlets’ next garment and ordering the yarn for Little Mudlet, who had already asked for another Sirdar jumper dress but the short sleeved version this time. I opened the page for the Sirdar Crofter DK yarn that the jumper dress was knitted in and she made her choice from the colour ways available.

Being a tomboy, Middle Mudlet is a little more difficult to buy for, as I have to find just the right blend of feminine but not TOO girly to satisfy her tastes and so began the painstaking trawl through the available patterns to see if anything jumped out at me. One or two designs were short listed and then I came across a James C. Brett design which I really liked but there was a serious drawback ……. it involves knitting in a main and contrast colour. The results of my previous attempts at knitting in more than one colour, have not been pretty, as the finished work looked tight and baggy in equal measure due to not getting the tension right or joining the colours in incorrectly.

This is for Middle Mudlet and is a little out of my comfort zone

This is for Middle Mudlet and is a little out of my comfort zone

However, I decided that now was the time to face my nemesis, conquer my bungling uncertainty and lack of confidence and before I had time to talk myself out of it, I had ordered the Sirdar Crofter in ‘Bria’ for Little Mudlet and the James C. Brett pattern with yarn for Middle Mudlet. Bearing in mind the nature of my second born child, I opted for a dark royal blue main colour and turquoise/aqua contrast, in the James C. Brett Top Value DK that the pattern recommended, in shades 17 and 7 respectively, priced at £1.69 per 100g ball (although I paid £1 per ball). My thinking was that if I messed the work up then it wouldn’t be as painful than if I had used a better quality yarn. If I made a good job then I could always rework the garment in a better yarn.

With the order placed I then sent off a plea for help and advice to Claire from Mollie&Claire and received a very supportive, informative and reassuring reply (thank you Claire) which restored my confidence in myself and gave me useful tips such as working the contrast pattern panel as a swatch before starting the actual project to gauge my tension, needle size etc.

Little Mudlets’ jumper dress is first in line though, as it is her turn for something hand made but I know it won’t take long to knit up as it is a straightforward stocking stitch throughout but the yarn is fun to work with because you get to watch the pattern which has been dyed into the wool, develop as the work grows.


6 thoughts on “Yarn for multiple projects

  1. Lovely patterns! My Mum is making the shortsleeve version for my niece! Xx

  2. Good luck with the new challenge! Imagine the possibilities once you have cracked it!

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