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Knitting in a Land Rover


Keeping dry(ish): knitting in the Land Rover.

Keeping dry(ish): knitting in the Land Rover.

August Bank Holiday Monday dawned and, what a surprise (not), it was raining. To be fair we weren’t in much of a position to complain because for most of the previous week, the weather had worked in our favour, with sunshine during the day and what rain we got, occurring, for the most part, overnight. Mud had been able to get a whole raft of jobs on our Series 3 Land Rover done and I had been spared hours of watering duties.

It was raining hard

It was raining hard

The sun had also shone down on the ‘Leafers at the Pit’ Land Rover show we had been to on Saturday (a full write up of that event in which Annie was also on show can be found here) and Sunday had been a relaxing but sunny day too, so, as I said earlier, we couldn’t really complain about rain on Monday …… except that Mud had spent most of Sunday afternoon getting together all that we needed to take the girls out on a long promised trip to play with their radio controlled cars!

But this didn't deter the Mudlets

But this didn’t deter the Mudlets ……

Batteries had been charged, taking hours of the day to ensure there were enough for an hour or two of play each. Spare parts and tools which had been dug out of the deepest, darkest areas of the house and workshop, were piled in the centre of the kitchen floor ready for loading into Annie and the cars themselves had been found, checked and then admired by their respective owners and were now parked up ready for playtime. All was set as we took ourselves off to bed on Sunday night!

.... or Mud come to that!

…. or Mud come to that!

And then the rain came, overnight as per recent times but this time it stayed well beyond daybreak and so I thought that our RC trip would be postponed and steeled myself for the usual ‘I don’t believe it‘ and subsequent rant on the vagories of the British summer and specifically the way the weather always seemed to want to wreck Muds’ plans (any run up to that point, of decent weather, conveniently forgotten).

And I didn't get off scott free either ......

And I didn’t get off scot-free either!

But Mud had made a promise to the girls that we would take them somewhere they could play with their radio controlled cars and so, come what may, we were going out! Which is how I came to find myself sitting in Annie, at the Barton Humber Bridge viewing point, working away on Little Mudlets jumper dress, whilst my youngest girls drove their cars, from the shelter of the trees, whilst the rain fell in sheets around them. But at least they had their waterproof cagoules on, unlike Mud who had forgotten to bring his waterproof with him and was soon soaked, not that this bothered him, as he watched the girls have fun with their cars.

The joy of old Land Rovers!

The joy of old Land Rovers!

I was sensible and stayed inside with my knitting, although Mud hasn’t yet got around to replacing the warn out door seal on the passenger door (the drivers door seal was replaced 4 years ago) and so even with the door and window shut, I was still being rain upon down one side.

Two hours after we arrived, Mud and the Mudlets finally decided they were wet and cold enough and it was time to go home, although I suspect the fact that the batteries were completely flat again had more to do with this decision than the adverse weather conditions. So the cars and tools were packed up and we headed for home, where a hot lunch of beans on toast was gratefully received by the trio of drowned rats, that clambered back into Annie.



2 thoughts on “Knitting in a Land Rover

  1. You were very brave to face the weather but sounds like it worked out in the end.

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