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Sirdar Jumper Dress in Crofter Bria: the back

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The back section is completed

The back section is completed

I’ve cheated a little bit with this dress, to ensure the stripes are as even and matched as they could be due to the nature of the yarn used. When my order arrived I checked the starting ends of each of the five balls and realised that two started with a snip of pink, two had a longer section of grey and the fifth had a substantial length of red at the start end. So with this in mind I selected on of the pink ended balls and cast on the back piece of the dress.

Having already knitted this dress in the same size a few months ago, I still had my tally chart for the original work in my knitting record book and so had a rough idea how many lines of rib, stocking stitch to start of arm shaping and then to the shoulder I would need to complete, although I did still measure to ensure that my tension was still the same etc. The red ended ball was used just over half way up to complete the piece and, as luck would have it, I have completed the back at almost the same point in the balls’ colourway, at which I started which should mean an even better match between the front and back.

I really like the Bria colourway

I really like the Bria colourway

I know using multi coloured wool leads, by its’ very nature, to a more hap hazard finished look but I was so pleased with how well the stripes matched up with the first dress, I wanted to achieve a similar finish with this one. Of the two dresses, this colour is my favourite, although I like both very much, and I am looking forward to seeing it finished. I’m tempted to find a pattern for myself which could be worked in the Crofter DK, as the range of colourways is really good and there are several that I like.

Looking at this picture though, it would seem that I have miscounted my rib rows on the front and have either done one too few or one too many because, with right side facing, both starting tails should be on the left as you look at the pieces and this is clearly not the case in this picture. I don’t think that this error will make any difference to the making up but I will have to see if I can live with the knowledge that it’s wrong because to correct it will mean frogging 60 rows back and I really don’t fancy that idea!


One thought on “Sirdar Jumper Dress in Crofter Bria: the back

  1. It looks great and I cannot imagine that a 1 row difference will be noticed. The colours are gorgeous.

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