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Pumpkin Crop 2015


At just over 19 inches at its widest point, this is our biggest pumpkin and it's pretty perfectly shaped too!

At just over 19 inches at its widest point, this is our biggest pumpkin and it’s pretty perfectly shaped too!

In terms of pumpkins, we have definitely done better this year than last in respect of the number of pumpkins that we have, although they aren’t exactly record breakers. By far the best results have come from the Sugar pie plants, with 5 offerings across 4 plants, but the Jack O’lanterns put in a last minute sprint, producing female flowers late on in August, two of which pollinated, bringing our total number for this variety to 3. Unfortunately, the white skinned ‘Invincible’ pumpkins haven’t done very well at all but I have promised Little Mudlet (she gave me the seeds for Mothers Day back in March) that we will try these again next year.

I think the prolonged cold spell at the start of the season has, once again, delayed the growth of the plants, as another local grow-your-own’er, has experienced similar problems to me and many of her plants have also thrown out a lot of female flowers far too late in the season and, as a result, these wont come to much of anything. Soil depletion is, I believe, another cause for the generally poor performance of my garden this year but topsoil, manure and blood and bones, will be added and dug in over the autumn.

But this is post is a celebration of the pumpkins that, in spite of everything, have grown and will be decorating our house this Halloween and will be used in soups, pies and cakes:



6 thoughts on “Pumpkin Crop 2015

  1. They look very impressive. How large are they? Are they big enough for lanterns or is that sacrilege to all your hard earned pumpkin growing?

  2. I have a few same size as yours but next year will try for a biggun but also grow some tastier Japanese ones

  3. I was looking at pumpkin recipes just this morning to consider how to beckon the fall and welcome it…It looks like you have had a great garden this year and are thinking along the same lines.

    • Hi Charlie,

      My garden has done better than I was expecting at the end of June and this is the best crop of pumpkins we’ve had for several years. Definitely looking forward to pumpkin soup with fresh baked bread or cheesy dumplings 🙂

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