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The Mudlets go crafting again.

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In need of repotting.

In need of repotting.

Last year I took the girls to several childrens’ crafting sessions which were being held, to coincide with the monthly farmers market, in a local town. Costing between £1.50 and £2.50 per child, depending on what they were making, the girls spent an hour or so each session making and decorating various things. Then about a week ago, Little Mudlet brought a leaflet home from school, detailing more craft sessions and so last Saturday I took the girls to the first one.

Designing her place mat

Designing her place mat

Based in the towns’ Heritage Centre, the craft sessions are a lovely addition to what is a very popular and busy Farmers Market and after stopping at the bank, then getting a coffee from a local shop and a biscuit treat for the girls, we headed off to the session. On offer that day, were make your own laminated place mats, decorate your own jewellery tree, or make your own craft foam autumnal wreath. Little Mudlet opted for the place mat, whilst her sister chose to decorate a jewellery tree. Both girls spent the next hour decorating their chosen project whilst I sipped coffee and nattered away with the ladies running the sessions. It was quite pleasant, as the windows were open so the sounds of the markets’ band could be heard.

The 'I like this meal' side

The ‘I like this meal’ side

“Look mummy”, Little Mudlet said as she proudly showed off her newly laminated work of art, “I’ve done a happy side which I’ll use if I like my dinner and an unhappy side for if I don’t!”

And the 'I don't like this meal' flip side.

And the ‘I don’t like this meal’ flip side.

I chuckled at her ingenuity, as she started work on colouring in a much smaller picture of a squirrel which she then very politely asked the ladies if they would laminate so she could use it as a coaster. Enchanted with her resourcefulness, this request was willingly agreed to and by the time it was covered in its’ protective lamination, Middle Mudlet had finished her tree, upon which she had used pretty much all of the animal and bird foam shapes they had.

First add some colour

First add some colour

Happy with their creations, we said our goodbyes and headed out to look at the market before starting to work our way through my shopping list, picking up a few treats on the way such as fresh pork scratchings, a pair of pyjamas from the Disney Frozen range for Little Mudlet and some very red Angry Bird ear muffs for Middle Mudlet. I had also remembered to bring Middle Mudlets’ Lego watch with us, so that we could get the battery, which had run out several months ago, replaced but I was stunned to learn that this service now cost a whopping £7 (Mud reckons we could have bought a new watch for that – not a Lego one though)! Mudlet was very happy to get her watch working again and so I swallowed the pain, comforted myself with the knowledge that it should last another couple of years now and sent up a silent prayer that Little Mudlets’ watch battery didn’t run out any time soon.

Leaves, birds and animals begin to fill the branches

Leaves, birds and animals begin to fill the branches

Her finished jewellery tree

Her finished jewellery tree

We’re really lucky that the Mudlets aren’t demanding children and are as happy with a small £1 surprise gift, as a more expensive one. They rarely ask for anything whilst we’re shopping, although Little Mudlet is the master of hint dropping: “I’m sooo hungry,” uttered as we pass the bakery which sells her favourite cheese straws, or , “Oh that’s so cute,” as she catches sight of a soft toy on one of the market stalls. So when we spotted some small cactus plants, at pocket money prices, for sale in Wilkinsons, I decided to let them choose one each. They each already have a much larger cactus, bought from the garden centre a couple of years ago but the ones in Wilkinsons were tiny plants and they were delighted with the thought of owning another different one each and after much deliberation they made their choices. I must remember to get some cactus potting material though, as the original plants are long overdue a potting on into larger pots and fresh soil.

Carefully carrying their new acquisitions back to the car, the girls happily chatted about the fun they had had that morning and began to speculate about what the next craft session would have on offer, being close to both Halloween and Guy Fawkes night and I thanked my lucky stars that both girls were still enamoured of such simple pleasures.



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