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Compact and Bijoux Pumpkins

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Sugar Pie and a Jack O'lantern pumpkins are guarded by Middle Mudlets' Lego figures

Two Sugar Pies and a Jack O’lantern pumpkin are guarded by Middle Mudlets’ Lego figures

Well they won’t be breaking any world records but we have managed to grow eight pumpkins this year, off which six have already been harvested and the remaining two are slowly but surely turning orange. We ended up with five Sugar Pie and three Jack O’Lanterns and at least two of the Sugar Pies will be suitable for lanterns – albeit small ones. I have no doubt that a larger one or two will be purchased to supplement the Halloween decorations but at least I should have sufficient flesh to make a lovely warming soup and a gloriously sticky pie.

So facts and figures for the six that we have in the house are:

Little Mudlets' figures guard the other three Sugar Pies

Little Mudlets’ figures guard the other three Sugar Pies

Sugar Pie #1: 3 lb 8 oz or 1,593g in weight with a 19 inches or 483mm girth;

Sugar Pie #2: 2 lb 14.5 oz or 1,319g in weight with a 16.75 inches or 425mm girth;

Sugar Pie #3: 2 lb 1 oz or 941g in weight with a 15.5 inches or 394mm girth;

Sugar Pie #4: 1 lb 9.9 oz or 736g in weight with a 15.75 inches or 400mm girth;

Sugar Pie #5: 1 lb 7.9 oz or 678g in weight with a 15 inches or 380mm girth;

Jack O’Lantern #1: 1 lb 7 oz or 652g in weight with a 15 inches or 380mm girth.

They are now acting as decorations on the lounge hearth and are being protected by the Lego Series 14, Halloween mini-figures, that the Mudlets are collecting. Not a bad haul of pumpkins considering the dismal start we had to the season, in terms of outside temperature and the reluctance of the plants to spread their roots and vines.



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