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Hat on circular needles

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Got the hang of it - though this wasn't the most challenging of patterns

Got the hang of it – though this wasn’t the most challenging of patterns

In readiness for knitting Eldest Mudlets’ Christmas garment, I decided to try working a hat on circular needles and see how I got on. Circulars are something I have avoided following an abortive attempt to use them some twenty years or so ago but following on from my success with knitting two different coloured yarns in one pattern, I felt I really needed to stop being silly and try again. So I found a free pattern online, did some reading up and before long I was working my way through the instructions and a hat was actually growing as a result of my efforts.

Finishing off with DPNs

Finishing off with DPNs

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the circular was to use – the one I have is the one I bought for the aforementioned project some twenty years earlier and is not the best quality and was probably a tad too long for the project in hand, being some 26 inches/66cm long from point to point but it served its’ purpose. I will be following the advice of Claire from Mollie and Claire and investing in a better quality one for the main project.

I didn't like the finished hat and so ended up pulling it out

I didn’t like the finished hat and so ended up pulling it out

The crown of the hat was finished using a set of double pointed needles (DPNs) which is another area of knitting I have carefully avoided but I really didn’t like the look of the finished hat and decided to pull the whole thing out and turn my attention to making another set of fingerless mittens, this time using DPNs  – figured I might as well sort that area of my skill shortage out whilst I was at it!

So there you have it. I have tried and succeeded in knitting with circulars and can now look forward to making Eldest Mudlets gift with anticipation instead of trepidation and I am currently happily involved with making a pair of mitts using DPNs, although the thumb may prove slightly more challenging but I will post about that project at a later date.


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