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Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce 2015


The recipe doesn't yield a lot of jam/sauce, so I'll need to make a second batch.

The recipe doesn’t yield a lot of jam/sauce, so I’ll need to make a second batch.

This was the same recipe I used last year but despite the use of a jam thermometer which was a birthday gift from a friend last year, and boiling the mixture twice, the ‘jam’ this year is definitely more of a dipping sauce but just as sweetly fiery as last year, although not as hot. But then we’ve found that the whole chilli crop hasn’t been as hot this year which (in spite of what Mud may think), isn’t such a bad thing really.

Using my new jam thermometer: not quite at the jam setting point of 105C/220F

Using my new jam thermometer: not quite at the jam setting point of 105C/220F

Of course the beauty/mystery/unpredictability of home made preserves, sauces, spice bases etc is that environmental factors, such as the water content of a sweet pepper or heat in a chilli pod for example, will affect the finished product and no matter how carefully you follow the same recipe, each  batch made will never be quite the same as the one before and I do wonder if the type of sweet red pepper I used this time, had something to do with the slightly runnier consistency of the ‘jam’ this year, as there was a lot more juice after the grinding process than I remember from last year.

Paired up for Christmas Gifts

Paired up for Christmas Gifts

That said, I do still have a lot of chillies both on the plants and in the house and as this recipe doesn’t make a massive amount of the jam/sauce (delete as applicable), I am probably going to make another batch really soon and I’m also going to make a batch of Tomato Chutney as I still have rather a lot of them in the freezer that need using up.

So the result of my efforts this year is that I have 5 of the tiny jars filled (approx 65ml of mix in each) and these can be married with an Autumn Chutney of the same size to make Christmas gifts, plus 2 larger jars (approx 350ml in each) for the store cupboard. There was also about a third of a large jar of mix left over and this is in the fridge for our use and tastes rather good, even if I do say so myself.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce 2015

  1. I know that when I cook and bake I never get quite the same result each time, I always attributed that to me as still learning. I am really glade to hear that I may need to recalibrate my expectations a bit.

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