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Teddy bears feel the cold too!


Teddybear jumpers 20160122 (6)

The teddy bears new clothes

I’m in between knitting projects at the moment and as I still haven’t got the manure I need for the garden (need to get that this next week without fail), not to mention the fact that an old back injury from some 29 years ago is playing me up in fine fashion at the moment, I still haven’t been able to do the jobs that need doing out in the vegetable garden which has resulted in me having time on my hands in the evenings and at weekends.

Teddybear jumpers 20160122 (3)

Honeybears’ jumper: front

So I cast my mind around for something to do and spotted Honeybear and Lily, the much loved favourite teddies of Middle Mudlet and Little Mudlet respectively, sitting huddled together on the front room bean bags, looking a little threadbare and ever so cold and decided to have a go at making them a little jumper each. I didn’t mention my idea to the girls, preferring to surprise them with the finished articles, and headed upstairs to see what oddments of yarn I had in my yarn store.

Teddybear jumpers 20160122 (4)

And the back view

To my delight I found a decent amount of yarn left from both the last jumper I had made Middle Mudlet and Little Mudlets’ second jumper dress, to have a go at making something for the bears.

I started on Honeybears’ jumper first and, as I didn’t have a pattern to work on, I tried to work out roughly how many stitches I would need to cast on to create a wide enough waste band for the rotund little fellow. As it turned out I still underestimated his girth but was able to correct this oversight by creating two 11 stitch wide side panels which were sewn between the front and back sections, under the arm. Obviously, the addition of these two additional side panels had to be taken into account when I was working out the sleeve decreases and I was delighted with the finished look of the jumper.

Teddybear jumpers 20160122 (1)

Lilys’ Jumper dress: front

Lilys’ jumper was knitted up to be longer so that it looked more like the jumper dress I had made for Little Mudlet and I decided it would be far easier to knit the sleeves as part of the front and back sections, especially as this was a much smaller garment and would be incredibly fiddly in terms of armhole decreases and sleeve increases.

Teddybear jumpers 20160122 (2)

And the back – you can see that the sleeves and back were knitted as one piece, as was the front.

Neither girl realised that the ‘practice’ knitting I was doing with their leftover yarn looked bear shape/size and so they were surprised and over the moon to find their little friends looking a lot happier and warmer, snuggled up together wearing their new clothes, when they got home from school on Friday. Little Mudlet immediately raced upstairs and changed into her matching dress, declaring her and Lily to be twins and today both girls and teddy bears are wearing coordinated outfits.

Teddybear jumpers 20160122 (5)

Looking much happier in their nice warm jumpers!

Now I need to get on and order the yarn, pattern and needles, I need for my next project (and the manure for my garden), before my bored hands start reaching for the numerous oddments I have left from Eldest Mudlets’ various knits and 15 hh Prince finds himself sporting a hand knit horse jumper!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Teddy bears feel the cold too!

  1. Glad you’ve found something to keep your hands busy. Looking forward to see what you’ll adorn next!

  2. I am sorry about your back, that is going to make tasks in the garden hard; it does look as you found some really creative distractions.

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