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Correcting a wrong stitch

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I noticed that two adjacent stitches were the same and needed changing

I noticed that two adjacent stitches were the same and needed changing

Just after Christmas, with time on my hands, I sorted through the oddments of yarn in my yarn drawer and found some James C Brett, Baby Marble DK, shade BM5 which I had previously bought to make this baby jacket and hat for one of the teachers at school, who was expecting a baby boy at that time. I really like the colours in this yarn and as the lady who has moved into the house behind us, is expecting a little boy in March, I thought I’d use the left over Baby Marble to make another jacket and hat for her baby.

I’ll be doing a post about the ‘top down’ jacket pattern I used, when the baby is here but as I was knitting the moss stitch pattern, I realised I’d made an error and accidentally knitted two adjacent stitches on the previous row instead of doing knit 1 purl 1. The result of this error was that as I worked back over the stitches for the next row, I suddenly found myself faced with two ‘purl’ stitches (which is what a knit stitch looks like from behind) and I needed to correct the error. The knock on was that from this point on, the rest of the stitches were now out of sinc with the previous rows but thankfully the error had occurred only 10 stitches from the end of the previous row and so I was able to correct those stitches, as I started the next row.

Correcting the error was actually quite easy and so I decided to document it here.

Changing a purl stitch to a knit stitch without frogging back your work:

1) Put the tip of your right needle through the bottom loop of the incorrect stitch…..

Knitting Error Correction

2) …… and slip the stitch back onto the right needle, thereby undoing the incorrectly worked one.

Knitting Error Correction

3) Move the loop of yarn originally used to make the incorrect stitch, in front of the original stitch …….

Knitting Error Correction

4) …. and then use the tip of your left needle to carefully lift the original stitch back over the loop and off the needle, leaving a correct knit stitch in place.

Knitting Error Correction

The corrected stitch now forms part of the correct “knit 1 purl 1” pattern!

Knitting Error Correction

Unfortunately I didn’t think to photograph the process of changing a knit stitch to a purl but it’s basically the same process, except the loop is at the front of the original stitch once moved onto the right hand needle (picture 2 equivalent) and needs to be moved to the behind the stitch (picture 3) and pulled through the centre of the original stitch, by the left hand needle. This then forms the correct stitch on the left hand needle once the original stitch has been pulled off the right hand needle.


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