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Lace Sweater in Scheepjeswol Sunkissed: Front and Back


Completed front section

Completed front section

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been steadily working away on my lace sweater and I now the front and back sections completed. I’m really enjoying working on this project as the lace pattern is very easy to follow and looks so effective but what I really love about this pattern is that the instructions are so detailed, even down to the number of rows you should have completed by the time you’ve reached the desired length to a certain point (starting the neckline on the front section for example was 174 rows or 50cm/19.75 inches). I was delighted to find that my rows matched the length required exactly, confirming that my tension was pretty spot on.

And the back section to

And the back section to

After the initial issue with knots in the yarn in the first couple of balls, I am happy to report that subsequent balls have been perfectly fine and so it must have just been an unlucky coincidence that I possibly ended up with two balls from either the start or end of a run. The yarn is a lovely one to work with and the colour looks really pretty, especially with the subtle graduations which don’t show up at all well in the photos unfortunately.

Furthermore the yarn has stood up well to being unpicked and reworked, when I’ve discovered and had to correct, an error in the pattern a few rows back. I haven’t experienced any splitting of the yarn and the reworked section blends in perfectly with the rest of the piece.

I’m just starting on the first of the sleeves now which has a different pattern to work through, in the form of a larger diamond but I am confident that this will be as easy to work as the front and back sections, due in no small part to the very well written pattern.


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