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I’m not one for gadgets but……..

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Lightweight and comfortable, I love my new toy

Lightweight and comfortable, I love my new toy

I’m not one for gadgets and gizmos, being of the mindset that the more technology you have dotted about you, the more chance there is that something will go wrong and will ultimately cost you additional expense in either repair bills or getting a replacement.

Simplistic but effective design

Simplistic but effective design

Our Corsa is a case in point: not quite one year old but currently sporting about 20 recurring, electronic faults, causing her to beep and ding warnings at whomever is driving, at will and without any thought for whereabouts you are or what you are doing. Annie, my 30 year old Land Rover, on the other hand, is mercifully devoid of anything other than the most basic electrical components (lights, heater, wipers etc) and hasn’t ever chosen to switch the engine off, as I’m driving onto an extremely busy motorway roundabout (unlike the trick her younger driveway companion played on poor Mud a couple of months ago).

That said, this week I received an unexpected gift which I absolutely love and would never have thought of getting for myself – a digital row counter!

Adjustable strap

Adjustable strap

I’ve always used a notebook, pen and a tally chart system to record my rows but I love this little counter. It is very lightweight and is designed to be worn on your finger and has an adjustable plastic strap for this purpose. Simplistic in design, it has two buttons the large one to add on rows and the smaller one to reset back to zero when necessary. There isn’t an off button but the dial goes to sleep mode within a few seconds of a row being added but is easily reactivated with one press of the large button and then another press to add your row. Your tally to date is kept safe, even in sleep mode and overnight which is reassuring and as it sits on your finger, I find that it is easy to remember to add your completed row on.

In short and much against the grain, I love this gadget and if it continues to prove a reliable method of recording my progress, I’ll happily retire the tally chart system.


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