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Lace Sweater in Scheepjeswol Sunkissed: Sleeve finished

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The diamond pattern on the sleeve is quite simplistic .......

The diamond pattern on the sleeve is quite simplistic …….

Being unable to get out into my garden, has meant that I have been steadily working away on my lace sweater and have now finished the first sleeve and I am about halfway through the second. The sleeve pattern is pretty simple when compared to that on the front and back sections but the large diamond design compliments the lace of the body pieces nicely and requires little in the way of concentration which is no bad thing at the moment. As with the instructions with the front and back, the actual leaflet is incredibly easy to follow and, once again, indicates the number of rows that should have been completed at a given length.

..... especially when compared to the front and back sections!

….. especially when compared to the front and back sections!

I have made one small deviation from the leaflet though: the diamond design should have stopped where it came to a point just below the start of the shoulder shaping section but by the time I had realised this, I was significantly beyond that row and after some thought decided to leave it as is and continue with the lace all the way to the top which doesn’t look too odd, bearing in mind that the diamond pattern started at the widest point to begin with and isn’t far off that at the end.

After the initial hiccoughs with the yarn, I have to say that the majority of the balls have been fine and it is a really nice material to work with and the colourway looks lovely. In fact Middle Mudlet likes the graduated pattern of my green yarn so much, that she has chosen the same yarn but in a different colour for her next item, although I have another jumper dress to make for Little Mudlet, a baby jacket and a project involving knitted hedgehogs, to do first.


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