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I’ve got a yarn stash


My little stash of yarn, waiting their turn to be made into something - special?

My little stash of yarn, waiting their turn to be made into something – special?

It’s only a small one but it’s still a yarn stash. Okay, strictly speaking, it’s not a stash in the same way as some of my fellow crafters because all the yarn has been bought with a specific project in mind. In fact the Scheepjeswol Softfun Denim was a gift as was 5 more balls of the Scheepjeswol Sunkissed in the green that I have used on my lace sweater. However, the Scheepjeswol Sunkissed in Beachhut Pink and King Cole Dolly Mixtures Double Knit in pink, as well as an additional ball of the Softfun Denim, were purchased from Deramores, along with two pattern leaflets and a pair of 2.5mm Addi bamboo single point needles which put my order at just over £30. This meant that I had qualified for a free King Cole Hedgehog kit which included the pattern, one ball of King Cole Tinsel Chunky and a ball of King Cole Dolly Mixture double knit in pale blue.

So now I have a stash of yarn and projects to keep me busy whilst I wait for my health to improve and these are made up as follows:

I couldn't resist taking up this offer. King Cole also do an owl pattern for this yarn too.

I couldn’t resist taking up this offer. King Cole also do an owl pattern for this yarn too.

First up is the Hedgehog kit which will hopefully supply two little hedgehogs (there are instructions for small, medium and large makes) and in fact I knitted the first of these up in just three hours last night. I only need to get some toy stuffing and sew the face detail to complete it. I’ve used around 22g of the 50g ball of tinsel chunky for the first one, so should easily get a second one out of it. I love the look of the yarn and it looks fabulous as a hedgehog body and I am considering getting a few more balls of different shades to make a dozen or so hedgehogs to sell on.

This is Little Mudlets' choice

This is Little Mudlets’ choice

Next is the King Cole double knit jumper dress (pattern number 4022) which Little Mudlet chose and that will be knitted up in the green Scheepjeswol Softfun Denim. Little Mudlet really likes jumper dresses but she is also hoping that I’ll make the headband, anklewarmers and scarf that are all included on the leaflet

We were all surprised when Middle Mudlet chose this pattern and yarn.

We were all surprised when Middle Mudlet chose this pattern and yarn.

I have a little baby jacket to make as well, as one of Muds’ colleagues is expecting a little boy in the summer but I still have some James C. Brett Baby Marble double knit in the light brown/blue left over which is fast becoming one of my favourite yarns for baby boys because I love the colourway, so I shouldn’t need to buy anything other than buttons for that particular project.

Then there is a surprising choice for tomboy Middle Mudlet, who not only chose this very feminine open work sweater as her next garment but she also opted for this rather lovely pink, in the same Scheepjeswol 4 ply that I used for my lace sweater. I’m looking forward to making this for her.

As for the extra balls of green Scheepjeswol Sunkissed 4 ply, I’m going to attempt to make a shawl with these, using a pattern I found in the ‘free patterns’ section on the deramores website. I’ve never actually made a shawl before, so this will be another knitting first for me and should prove interesting to say the least.

I’m hoping to start getting back out into the garden over the next few days or so but at least I’ll have something constructive to do on the days where my energy levels are flagging and at night time, whilst Mud works late, builds more Airfix models or watches episodes of the 2004 to 2009 remake of Battlestar Gallactica, courtesy of Netflix.


5 thoughts on “I’ve got a yarn stash

  1. Lovely projects! I love sweater dresses too, but on other people, especially young ladies! I love the idea of wearing one with tights and boots but tend to overheat.

  2. YAAAY for a stash! Looking forward to seeing the projects!

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