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Poggle and friend


Poggles is on the left with the more round snout

Poggle is on the left with the more rounded snout

I love hedgehogs and we have quite a number of prickly visitors making their way through out garden, munching away on the equally healthy population of slugs, throughout the ‘non-hibernatory’ parts of the year. They are a welcome sight and a pleasure to watch and listen to, as they snuffle about and so I was particularly delighted to find the ‘Hedgehog Kit’ offer on the Deramores on-line shop, the other week.

The body and nose are knitted as one piece, then two feet and two ears.

The body and nose are knitted as one piece, then two feet and two ears.

I decided to have a go at the ‘small’ sized hedgehog which isn’t actually all that small, being approximately the size of a small galia melon I’d say and in total each hedgehog took around 3-4 hours from start to completely finished, even down to the embroidery of the eyes and nose. The tinsel chunky is really easy to work with, is knitted in stocking stitch but, due to the texture of the work,  it is nigh on impossible to work out the right side from the wrong side by look or feel, if you are distracted and forget to tally your rows correctly. Thankfully the tail of yarn from the cast on row is available to help figure out which row you’re about to start.

The finished pair were a big hit with everyone in Mudville and the Mudlets each expressed a yearning for one of their own: gold for Middle Mudlet and bright pink for her younger sister. I’ve order three more balls in three different colours and that should provide me with another 6 hedgehogs, one each for the younger girls and the rest for stock piling with a view to maybe having a stall at the village Christmas fair.

One of the purple hedgehogs was destined to be a gift for a friend and she was absolutely delighted with it and has named it Poggle. As for the other one, that’s a gift for the little girl who lives behind us, for when her baby brother arrives – I’ve made a jacket and hat for the new baby and always like to give any siblings a small gift too, to help ensure that they don’t feel left out. Until then, it is tucked up safe and sound with the jacket, adding some sparkle to my yarn draw.

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  1. Awww! They look great!

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