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A relaxed Mothers Day

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My carefully chosen Mothers Day gifts

My carefully chosen Mothers Day gifts

Mothers Day in the UK was last Sunday (6th March) this year and I had a relaxing day at home, with Mud and the Mudlets with just one short but enjoyable trip, en masse, to the relatively new, local Marks and Spencers food hall, to choose something for dinner ….. something I wasn’t going to have to cook! We opted for a mix of dishes from their Chinese range which Mud prepared later, with the help of the girls. What is effectively a take away, albeit a ‘cook your own’ version, might sound like an odd choice for a Mothers Day dinner but take aways in Mudville are few and far between and M&S do a really tasty range of Chinese dishes and as I love Chinese food, this was the perfect choice for me.

The day had started peacefully, with both girls keeping unbelievably quiet first thing, ensuring that I was able to wake up in a natural, calm manner, rather than the usual shocked ‘what was that!!’ knee jerk reaction to some squabble, dropped toy, all out war, shout, thud or screech which is my normal wake up method. I was then presented with an array of gifts, carefully chosen by each girl.

I love my little clip on pen

I love my little clip on pen

Mud genuinely lets the girls choose their gifts for me, with some guidance (‘no, I’m pretty sure mummy doesn’t want a Barbie doll!’) but not too much. This means that unless I’ve dropped numerous hints in the weeks leading up to a gift giving event, the items I receive are a true surprise and the reasoning behind them, demonstrates a great deal of thought and understanding about what I like.

This year, for example, Little Mudlet chose a 1000 piece jigsaw, from my favourite puzzle manufacturer (puzzling is another of my favourite pastimes), two boxes of chocolates to appease my sweet tooth, and an adorable little pen with a clip on the end which enables me to fasten it to my knitting notebook (which I still use in conjunction with my digital row counter as the notebook allows me to keep track of increases/decreases etc), preventing me from losing it or, more to the point, someone ‘borrowing’ it and not bringing it back!!!!

And this was exactly the work bag I wanted, right down to the owl pattern.

And this was exactly the work bag I wanted, right down to the owl pattern.

That said, Middle Mudlets’ gift to me, a gorgeous knitting bag, was a hinted at item from a few weeks ago and not only did she remember that I really wanted one but she also managed to get the exact bag I had been looking at. I really liked the owl material and the design of this particular work bag, as opposed to a work basket, means that it is easily portable but could also be stored away, requiring little storage space, if I found myself with nothing to knit. The cavernous interior now holds all my sets of bamboo needles in their wallets, the 6 balls of Softfun Denim I’m using for Little Mudlets’ dress, as well as the pattern leaflet and the work itself. This main section also has a zip, so can be securely closed protecting the contents if needs be. There is also a front pocket which provides a handy storage for my notebook with pen attached, digital counter, cable needle and work scissors.

All in all, this was a peaceful and relaxing Mothers Day which was just what I needed right now.


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