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Jumper dress in Softfun Denim

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Little Mudlets choice

Little Mudlets choice

With my lace top finished (completely forgot to do a final post for that but will do one shortly) and the first of the tinsel hedgehogs out of the way, I set to and cast on the stitches for the back section of Little Mudlets’ jumper dress. I had chosen Scheepjeswol Softfun Denim for this particular project in a lovely, dark mint green colour (shade 517) which has a subtle fade graduation through it which you can just about make out in these pictures. The pattern is a King Cole (4022) and is written for double knit but I opted for the Scheepjeswol over the recommended King Cole dk because I preferred the colour options the Softfun gave me.

The back is progressing nicely

The back is progressing nicely

The Scheepjeswol Softfun is 60% Cotton and 40% Acrylic, comes in 50g balls which equates to approimately 140m and is a beautifully soft yarn to work with. So far I have had no problems with the yarn splitting and the clean edge of the yarn is producing a nice clear pattern, with no fuzziness at all.

The subtle colour change shows up better in this picture

The subtle colour change shows up better in this picture

I say this with all the patterns that I work using a different yarn to that stipulated and for which the quantities of yarn required are specified but I think it is important to reiterate: if you are not using the yarn recommeneded in your pattern, then it is important to look at the meters in each specific type of yarn that you are considering because the weight of one blend of yarn will not necessarily yield the same length of yarn as the same weight in another yarn.  I looked at how many balls of the recommened yarn were required (10) and timed this by the number of meters it is stated that each ball has (105m in a 50g ball) which gave me a requirement of 1050m of yarn to complete the project. I then looked at how many meters were in a 50g ball of the yarn I wanted to use (140m) and divided the total meters required by the length of a ball, so 1050m divided by 140m which gave me 7.5 balls.

I’m about half way up the back section of this dress now and I am really enjoying this work. The pattern looks nice and is easy to follow, the yarn is soft and a pleasure to work with, the emerging work looks lovely and at the end of a knitting session, I reattach my cute little pen to my notepad and pack everything away into my gorgeous work bag.

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