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The Mudlets’ sow some seeds

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Middle Mudlets' propogator

Middle Mudlets’ propagator

“Can I have my own propagator to look after, please mum?” Middle Mudlet asked me the other day. Well what could I say, after all my whole ethos with the school garden has been to encourage the children to develop a love of all things green and growing and so I decided that the next round of seed sowing could be given over to the girls, under supervision.

And Little Mudlets'

And Little Mudlets’

It went without saying that if Middle Mudlet was to have her own propagator, then Little Mudlet would want one as well but that left me with another conundrum – how to fit two same size propagators into the available window space. I had already moved the tomato and melon seedlings out into the greenhouse but this still left me with three propagators full of chilli seedlings to look after and even under a fleece blanket, I wasn’t prepared to risk these outside just yet, so they needed window sill room too.


After a little thought, I realised that Little Mudlets’ enthusiasm had solved the problem for me. She had already sown some successfully germinated flower seeds with me back in February and so would probably be happy with the 30 module window sill propagator, leaving Middle Mudlet to take ownership of the 40 module one ….. and I was right. So once again setting up the kitchen floor as a makeshift potting shed, I called each girl through in turn and supervised them sowing the following:

Carefully planting seeds

Carefully planting seeds

Middle Mudlets’ Black Propagator (40 modules):

  • Butternut Squash ‘Sweetmax‘ (6)
  • Climbing Bean ‘Fasold‘ (5)
  • Courgette ‘All Green Bush‘ (5)
  • Cucumber ‘Telegraph‘ (5)
  • Pumpkin ‘Rocket‘ (5)
  • Pumpkin ‘Sankt Martin‘ (5)
  • Sunflower ‘Giant Single‘ (5)
  • Winter Squash ‘Sweet Mix‘ (4)
Using my innovative hole making tool

Using my innovative hole making tool

Little Mudlets’ Green Windowsill propagator (30 module):

  • Butternut Squash ‘Sweetmax‘ (6)
  • Climbing Bean ‘Fasold‘ (6)
  • Pumpkin ‘Rocket‘ (6)
  • Pumpkin ‘Sankt Martin‘ (6)
  • Sunflower ‘Giant Single‘ (6)

This morning we spotted that the first of Middle Mudlets’ seeds are starting to push through and I’m guessing Little Mudlets’ wont be that far behind. Fingers crossed that these prove to be successful crops for the girls ….. and that they are as enthusiastic about helping look after them as the season progresses, as they are now!

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  1. Careers in horticulture, do you think?

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