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It’s cheating!

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Whether you are a member of the stay camp, leave camp or ‘haven’t made my mind up’ camp, the decision, by David Cameron, to spend £9 millions of taxpayers money on leaflets, to try and persuade voters to choose to remain in the EU, come referendum day, is nothing short, in my opinion, of cheating. It is an abuse of power and shows a complete lack of respect for democracy and equality and it’s a particularly bitter pill to swallow when you consider the budget cuts that have been imposed on public services across the board in recent years.

Mr Cameron should be ashamed of these underhand tactics.

Each side in the referendum debate was allocated £7 millions to fund their campaign, access to which I believe begins next week but I suppose it will be too much to hope that the electoral commission will find that this blatantly unethical approach to the referendum campaign, is no better than cheating and will allocate a further £2 millions to Brexit and confiscate the £7 million Remain were officially allowed to spend.

In the mean time I am watching with interest as the petition to stop Cameron spending additional taxpayers money continues to gather support, currently standing in excess of 148k which should mean that a debate be held, although this isn’t guaranteed and isn’t, I suspect, going to happen any time soon.

I’m not one for voicing my political beliefs on this blog but this time I felt that my dismay and disgust at such underhand and unethical methods, to try and swing the vote one way or the other couldn’t be ignored ………  I can’t abide cheating!!!


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