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Very lacy sweater in Scheepjeswol Sunkissed: a labour of love

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We think the chainmail appearance explains why Middle Mudlet liked this pattern so much

We think the chainmail appearance explains why Middle Mudlet liked this pattern so much

Delighted though I was when Middle Mudlet not only chose a very feminine and lacy top as my next project for her but also a very pink yarn to knit it with, there have been times over the last three months or so when I have come very close to relegating it to the back of the darkest cupboard in Mudville and starting something else. For some reason it took forever and a day before the pattern was finally engraved on my mind. I pulled back countless rows in order to correct some error or other, on numerous occasions which, taking into account the loops and cast offs that are dotted throughout to create the gorgeous laciness, was an absolute nightmare. Whilst I don’t count myself as a professional knitter, I did believe that I was pretty competent in most areas but my confidence was seriously knocked by this pattern.

Front section

Front section

That said, I have persevered and the front and back sections have finally been completed and the difference between the French and English way of compiling and following a knitting pattern, have taught me a few more tricks which may well prove helpful in the future, if I try another pattern from this company …….. which I no doubt will as they have some really nice ones in their library.

This is one project that will definitely need blocking!

This is one project that will definitely need blocking!

Oddly enough, as much as I didn’t enjoy working on the front and back sections, the sleeves have proved to be a totally different kettle of fish, with their open work pattern proving an easy but effective design, resulting in an almost chainmail appearance which may well explain why Middle Mudlet was so drawn to the pattern. I hope to get the second sleeve finished in the next day or so and then it’s onto the finishing off ……..

The first sleeve

The first sleeve

…… which promises to bring with it another set of challenges as I try to work out what on earth the instructions are on about when they say to ‘graft the border around the neck edge’ and advise me to follow the ‘grafting a border instructions’ which are on the back of the pattern leaflet and are about as clear as mud right now! Maybe when I actually get to that part and start to try and follow the instructions it will make more sense but for now I’m going to finish the sleeves and then find a dark corner, somewhere quiet ……

This has truly been a labour of love.


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