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Return to Wragby Maze

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One of the three 9-hole putting greens

At the start of one of the three 9-hole putting greens

Back in May 2013, Mud and I took the girls on a surprise visit to Wragby Maze, an attraction about one and a half hours from us which both girls had been asking to visit for the best part of a year. We had a fantastic time that day, finding it great value for money, tremendous fun, with friendly welcoming staff. Our only regret was that we hadn’t brought a picnic with us and so as we left we promised the girls that we would go back with a picnic and make a real day of it. Unfortunately, since then, every time we have planned the return trip the weather has let us down and we have had to postpone the trip several times over the last three years …….. until this week when with the weather set to be nice and warm for the early part of the week, we seized the opportunity and Tuesday morning set out for the maze.

Coming in Second: Little Mudlet retained her title of Fastest Centre Finder

Coming in Second: Little Mudlet retained her title of Champion Centre Finder

When revisiting a place, there is always a risk that your previously cherished memories will prove to be rose tinted, especially when a few years separate your visits and so it was with some trepidation that we pulled into the Maze parking area. Thankfully the set up was much the same and even the price hadn’t risen that much costing just £22 for the four of us, an increase of just £2.20 on our previous visit. The refundable deposit for use of the garden games equipment was still £5 (that’s for all of us not each) and so with admission stickers adorning our tops and t-shirts, we headed over to the maze with Little Mudlet determined to retain her title as ‘Champion Centre Finder’ and Middle Mudlet equally determined to relinquish her of it.

We teamed up and a few minutes later, Little Mudlet and I were standing on the viewing platform at the centre of the maze watching the other two still trying to find their way there. Titled retained!

Croquet was great fun

Croquet was great fun

To be fair though the attraction is called ‘Wragby Maze’, this only forms a very small and easy to complete section of it, although the option to use blindfolds to guide each other in or out with one person standing on the viewing platform shouting instructions, was a much appreciated addition which caused much merriment and giggling, as left and right got mixed up and distances to archways through the hedging were miscalculated, resulting in your poor blindfolded victim partner wandering into and not through the body of the maze.

No! As mentioned in my post back in 2013 (which can be found here), if you ignore the fact that it is also a nursery specialising in conifers, the main purpose of this attraction is to encourage families to play together, enjoying much needed quality time with their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Mud and the Mudlets raced to the centre of the turf maze

Mud and the Mudlets raced to the centre of the turf maze

There are three 9-hole putting greens, a golf clock, two croquet lawns and a turf maze, with two noughts and crosses boards as well as a chequers board set out with the use of paving slabs. All the equipment you need can be borrowed from the shop (that’s why you pay a £5 deposit) and you can borrow as much as you like, as often as you like, so long as you bring it all back and in good order. There is also a large garden chess set in one of the covered areas and to one end of the site is a large open grass area for playing frisbee, ladder-golf, snakes and ladders or just running around. Picnics are encouraged with a lovely decking area near the carpark furnished with tables and comfortable wooden garden chairs if you want to be more civilised, traditional picnic tables dotted here and there and areas of grass to set out your picnic blanket if you’d rather. That said, the shop does sell sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, hot and cold drinks etc.

Talking about the shop, it also stocks a range of garden supplies, some of the garden games, small toys and ice-cream.

Giant noughts and crossess

Giant noughts and crosses

Ladder-golf was definitely one of our favourites and we fully intend to look for a set for our garden. It’s far too difficult to explain how the game works here but trust me, if you have a competitive nature and not a lot of outdoor space, then this is a great game for you to play with your family, kids or friends. It’s incredibly funny and actively encourages all manner of underhand ways to distract your opponent and even the act of trying to get a win can be extremely frustrating for the player concerned and vastly entertaining for those watching or competing against them.

As well as completing the a maze twice (once with and once without blindfolds) and the ladder-golf, Mud and Middle Mudlet made use of the chess set, we all had a go at Noughts and Crosses and the girls ran off loads of excess energy playing frisbee. We also played two rounds of 9-hole putting, a game of clock golf and one of croquet. Of course it’s very bad manners to boast or brag about ones skills and prowess but suffice to say that one female resident of  Mudville, a female who happens to be over 5 foot tall and just a tad under 6 foot ……. you know …… just saying …. proved surprisingly adept at both 9-hole golf, clock golf and croquet, to the disbelief and dismay of other Mudville inhabitants. It really is amazing just how competitive a person can suddenly become.

And giant chess: the game was stalemate but with two pieces to one still in play, Middle Mudlet was declared the winner!

And giant chess: the game was stalemate but with two pieces to one still in play, Middle Mudlet was declared the winner!

In the end we spent a total of four and a half hours at Wragby Maze before reluctantly climbing back into Annie and heading for home. The day had been a huge success and we were so glad we had paid the long overdue second visit.

I can’t reiterate enough just what good value this place is BUT only if you are prepared to play with your children. If you’re looking for somewhere to sit back for hours, sipping coffee, surfing the net and generally letting your children do their own thing, or you’re a young couple wanting a quiet ramble through a maze but are not interested in taking part in the other activities, then this is really not the place for you. The maze will take you all of five minutes max and you’ll be plagued by your children constantly asking if they can move around to the next thing, go get another set of equipment, have another go on the croquet etc. If however you are desperate for some quality time with your children, grand children etc or quite fancy revisiting the games of your youth, want to have a giggle and/or tournament with a friend(s), sibling(s) or partner, then give Wragby Maze a go, you might have more fun than you think.


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