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A bit of a mess

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Much improved

Much improved

That’s the only way you could describe the state of my largest greenhouse. In fact it was far more than a bit of a mess, it was a bona fide disaster zone and I needed to sort it out pretty quickly. You see with the Jack Frost just around the corner, it was imperative that I moved the chilli plants which were in the smaller greenhouse, into the large one, so that I could set the small one up as the winter lodgings for some of the outdoor plants which weren’t frost hardy.

So it was that one brightish Sunday, a couple of weeks ago, I headed outside and set about sorting out the mess in the greenhouse. I found things I forgot I had, discovered by way of the holes nibbled in a pair of gardening gloves that I had had visitors of the small squeaky variety, came across more labels and rings than I knew what to do with and realised there were far too many false widow spiders residing amongst the pots and soil ….. uck!

Where on earth do I start?

Where on earth do I start?

Where to start is always the hardest question in these scenarios but figuring that it was better to clear one set of staging at a time, brush it off and then place chilli plants in neat rows on the newly cleared top, I set to.

I took the opportunity to give the chilli plants a health check whilst I was tidying, removing dead, dying or decaying foliage where necessary, picking ripe chillies and then giving the whole lot a long drink of water. If the really cold weather holds off long enough, I may well get a half decent crop but it wont be as good as last year. Something has been eating my chilli peppers though, judging by the number with holes munched in them, although not the really hot varieties I notice but that’s the life of the gardener I guess, galling though it is, especially in a year where I haven’t tried to grow much at all really.

Never mind, at least the greenhouse is tidy now and all the chilli plants have been moved over, so there is now space in the little green house for the delicate plants requiring a bit of shelter over the winter months.

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