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The Mudlets were thrilled at how well their pine cones sold and my toys did okay as well.

November was the last time I wrote something for my blog and, at that time, it was a relief when I took the decision to put down my virtual pen and walk away. That said, I would occasionally pop in and have a nose around the blogs I follow but for the most part, the WP tile on my phone was left untouched, neglected and alone, passed over as I reached for Google, email, word or the camera tiles instead. I’m not entirely sure what went wrong, other than it became a chore to sit down and start typing which was a shame because I love writing, as is evidenced by the articles I still produce for the village magazine and letters I draft on behalf of Gardening Club or the PTA.

Over recent weeks, however, the urge to reclaim my blog has been growing ever stronger and I am finally ready to re-enter the world of blogging, albeit with a more relaxed approach and to start with, here is an update on happenings in Mudville:

Selling tinsel hedgehogs and owls at the Victorian Market way back in December was a big success, with all but one hedgehog and two owlets finding new homes. In addition, the Mudlets sold around 75% of the 80 or so pinecones they had collected, dried out and painted in a PVA/water/glitter solution, before attaching gold thread loops, as well as some Christmas themed little charms. Needless to say they were thrilled, making around £5 each in profits (most of which they spent at the Market);

I was really pleased with how well my wreath turned out

A very talented friend who runs various workshops throughout the year, persuaded me that instead of paying her to make me a Christmas Wreath, I should attend one of her workshops and make my own. So I did and I have to say that not only did I have a thoroughly enjoyable 3 hours with other likeminded ladies but I was absolutely thrilled with the result of my efforts which hung proudly on the front door throughout the festive season;

I made a pretty, tiered cardigan for little Mudlet and then decided to edge the hems of the tiers, not to mention the sleeve cuffs, with hundreds of eye-blindingly tiny beads which I sewed on individually and which took a lifetime!! Well okay, may be not a lifetime but for someone who really doesn’t enjoy sewing at all, who found herself questioning her sanity and on the verge of leaving the cardi semi beaded on more than one occasion, it certainly felt like one;

He looks a little startled in this picture but the girls love him so much, I’ve had to put him into protective custody!

The success of the tinsel toys spurred me on to try my hand at another kit but this time it’s safari animals I’m making. So far I’ve finished the crocodile and the elephant and I’m currently working on the giraffe. I hope to sell them at the school Summer Fayre in July;

Mud and I decided to rest my vegetable patch this year because it needs a total redesign BUT the Mudlets and I have volunteered our services to the Community Garden which is in its’ second year and is on land donated by one of the villagers. So far we have helped shift a tonne of compost (both girls impressed the adults with their wheelbarrow handling), sown seeds in the greenhouse, planted potatoes and sown carrots, parsnips and beetroots in neat rows in the newly rotavated earth; and

There are changes afoot in the school garden …..

I am delighted to say that another parent is helping me with the school garden and gardening Club this year and, together with the help of her partner and the village Green Team, the remodelling of the vegetable patch at school has begun. I will definitely be doing a post on the progress so far in the next week or so.

So that brings you all nicely up to date and my knitting needles are calling (as is the hoover but the needles are much, MUCH louder), so cheerio for now.


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