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Warm colours for a warm jumper

Back in 2015, I made Middle Mudlet a two tone blue snowflake sweater, using “James C Brett Top Value double knit”. The original post can be found here and reading between the lines you will realise that when I started that particular project, I hadn’t had much experience working with two yarns at any given time and so it was with some trepidation that I agreed to Middle Mudlets’ choice of pattern and started work on it.

In case I made a complete dogs ear of the thing and ruined the sweater and/or yarn, I opted to use the yarn recommended by the pattern and bought the James C Brett Top Value double knit which costs less than £2 for a 100g ball, thinking that if the finished article looked okay, I could remake it in a better quality yarn. As it happens, not only did the sweater turn out really well, the yarn was a joy to work with and was soft to the touch which meant that there really wasn’t any reason to remake it in a different yarn, as I figured it would do for a few months as was.

Two years on,after heavy wear, the blue jumper is still looking good

As the yarn is 100% acrylic and with its’ extremely low price tag, I was concerned that the washing machine might prove the ultimate test for the garment and that it wouldn’t take long for the pilling and sagging to appear but I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised. Two years on and the jumper has been worn almost every week, as it is warm and comfortable and still looks really good all things considered and baring in mind the amount of wear it’s had. It is most definitely Mudlets’ ‘go to’ jumper when she feels cold.

And a matching ‘reverse pattern’ hat for good measure

So when it was her turn for another project, she asked for another snowflake sweater but in different colours this time and so we chose a warm red for her main colour with a lovely muted autumnal orange for the snowflake contrast. She is absolutely delighted with the finished product and when I then reversed the colours to make the matching hat for her, (James C Brett pattern JB193, snowflake hat and jumper), she was thrilled

King Cole Riot yarn hasn’t fared very well at all

It just goes to show that most expensive isn’t always the best. The jumper dress I made for myself last year has proved very disappointing after the initial euphoria of the finished article, with the £3.43 per 100g wool/acrylic (30%/70/%respectively) yarn bobbling and shrinking very, very badly almost from the start, despite following the care instructions to the letter, and it doesn’t look very nice at all now. I have some Woodland Animals to make now for the Christmas Fairs but then it’s a patterned jumper dress for Little Mudlet and that has a three tone pattern to be worked – I may live to regret this one!


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