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Deramores Woodland Animals: Fox

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Here he is. Very cute but still not convinced about the feet

So here it is, my completed orange, black and white project and as you can see, it is the fox from the Deramores Woodland Animals collection. He didn’t take very long to make and I think he has a rather charming face. I can’t help think that he needs something more though …… like a little scarf or maybe a neck ribbon. Hmm, I’ll have to give it some thought.

I prefer the leg design on these animals

This was a delight to make, although I’m still not convinced that the black stubby feet work quite so well as the legs of animals in the Deramores Safari Animals which I made earlier in the year but once I had repositioned them a couple of times, I finally fastened them into place, attached the tail and he was finished.

He has now joined the Giraffe, snake (no picture), hippo and lion from the Safari collection, all off which are waiting for some lovely sparkly neck ribbons, in readiness for the Victorian Market in December. The elephant has already found a new home.

Next project is the badger.

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